Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides released

The Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides have been officially released in the U.S.

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-Foxtrot1197d ago

Hmmm I thought they'd look a bit better then that and would give us more goodies within them.

ninsigma1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Got 250 euro worth of one for all cards. Guess what part of that will be spent on :D

Still debating whether to get the original ff7 or wait till the ps4 remaster version comes out later this year!

FallenAngel19841197d ago

Still sucks PS4 can't play PS1 games like every other PlayStation platform in existence can

TheROsingleB1197d ago

Pick up a Vita, PS3 or PSTV(These are $40 now!) any of those will play FF7 either the PSN download, or the PS3 will play your old PS1 discs if you have them.

FallenAngel19841197d ago

That doesn't make it any less ridiculous that PS4 can't perform what even the Xperia phone can accomplish. Its a brand staple for every PlayStation branded platform to play PS1 games.

pivotplease1197d ago

...or wait. There have been rumours flying around about emulation plans for the PS4 since last year. I'm wondering if it's going to be a 2016 thing now. Either way, we should get the PSone classics back as well as more in the ways of PS2 classics, which I welcome. I do feel your pain though I just tend to use my Vita for classics now. Would prefer it on a bigger screen though since the image needs to be a square and doesn't properly utilize the space on HD screens.

mezati991197d ago

pretty sure it will. eventually

Irishguy951197d ago

Should be able to do Ps1 and Ps2 emulation now. I can understand Ps3 due to the stupid cell but PC's much weaker than the Ps4 can emulate Ps2 games at higher quality than the Ps2 could. Sony should steal Pcsx2 and mod it to the Ps4.

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MeteorPanda1197d ago

l have the ff8 one only.. l loved the monster designs more then anything XD

Spotie1197d ago

I don't have guides for anything before X, which is why I really want this. But since my car broke down a week ago, I can't really justify spending nearly a hundred on this.

MeteorPanda1197d ago

yeah don't l bought my guide at ebgames for like..15 dollars or something, l don't know why people would buy this now considering game faqs exists

Spotie1197d ago

I just like having physical things. I've used gamefaqs before for all these games, but I love books in general.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1197d ago

I cancelled my preorder on these, still have the originals. Price was too high on this set if you ask me.

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