Mirror's Edge Catalyst: "it's so much more fluid than the first"

GR-UK writes: DICE's Erik Odeldahl runs us through the changes coming in Catalyst as Mirror's Edge goes open world. One thing that we discussed during our E3 interview was the studio's approach when shifting from the linear design of the first game to the new open-world setting.

"That's been a great challenge, the first game was just a strictly linear story," Odeldahl said. "The level design challenges here have been immense, I think we're doing a fairly good job at it though. If you've played the game you feel that it's so much more fluid than the first one. Changing the level design to allow for multi-directional traversal, we also had to really, really work on the animation and the control system to make it feel as smooth, so you don't just - like you said - stop. We want the player in flow all the time."

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chaos9991251d ago

Unfortunately we can't see from just watching the demo.
We'll see with the demo

calvincrack1251d ago

'Dying Light' has set the bar high for this sort of thing. I hope that the Mirror's Edge team can iterate even further. While Dying Light offers a lot of freedom and upward mobility, i think mirror's edge 2 can distinguish itself by offering you the feeling of smoothness while moving through a world. Where dying light feels scrappy and like you are escaping, mirror's edge should make you feel slick.

TWB1251d ago

That would be great.

I have been replaying the first game on PS3 and though that might as well try to plat the game (I had it from steam first but only recently got around making space on the PS3 HDD so I could download the freeby EA gaves us during the PSX). Once you get to really know the movement system during speedruns and time trials, you realize how surprisingly many things you can do with the movement, but on the other hand the camerawork can get really stiff and jerky at times.