GTR record month of June and Nintendo calls out the gaming industry

Gamertag Radio Has A Record Month of June With Nearly 1 Million Listens. Sources: Warner Bros. Knew That Arkham Knight PC Was A Mess For Months, Nintendo throws shade at Sony and Microsoft & Fan mail.

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christocolus1197d ago

Congrats to the entire GTR team. Enjoyed your E3 podcasts. great job.

RPGrinder1197d ago

Lets be clear.

Nintendo is number 1 in handhelds (A place that sony abandonded)
They are number 1 in software (Sony and MS have admitted to really have no first party content right now)
They are number 1 in toys to life.

If Nintendo, IN AN INTERVIEW, wants to talk they have the right. They all talk smack.

MasterD9191196d ago

Nintendo is a bit delusional these days...