Microsoft Renames Xbox Music And Xbox Video

Microsoft has revealed two of its apps are undergoing name changes.

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Sureshot1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Xbox Videos will be renamed to Movies & TV...


iTechHeads1203d ago

Well the "Xbox" brand just doesn't make sense on Windows unless its game-related.

Xbox Music and Xbox Video on Windows is stupid. Xbox Live though? That would make sense. In fact it would be pretty cool if there was an "Xbox" client on PC that would be sort of like Steam where it would be the go-to place to get PC games. But that will never happen as long as Microsoft has a presence int he living room with XB1.

343_Guilty_Spark1203d ago

Actually the trend is it will happen. Xbox and Windows PC will merge. There will be an Xbox app. We are just in a transition period. It will happen. Microsoft stands too much to gain by just sticking with a console centric gaming focus. The future is both fully competitive and fully integrated into one Xbox product.

kreate1203d ago

Thats a pretty good idea.

Docknoss1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Groove huh? Are subscriptions that bad that MS needs to change the name? The name alone won't make me pay for a Sub when I can listen to Pandora or Spotify for free.

u4one1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The names were changed for consistency with win10. Also Pandora and free version of spotify have horrible sound quality. I use spotify too but I upgraded to premium. The added features and way improved audio quality is worth it to me. I have also been trying out Apple's new music sub service and so far it seems even better than spotify with way more radio options than both spotify and Pandora (live broadcast stations, curated stations and more genre breakdowns/ better algorithm for stations created by songs. Try it if you have the means.

Groove is a dumb name imo.

iTechHeads1203d ago

Spotify is the ultimate music service. I doubt even Apple Music will be able to compete until they put out a free version.

u4one1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

i've been using the apple service and imo its better than spotify. better sound quality, better algorithms, bigger library (at least for the kind of music i listen to) and also... its a proven fact that the apple user demographic is willing to spend money on products and apple itself is considered a "premium" brand. they offer their radio service for free which is fine but someone like me doesn't mind paying $10 for a superior experience. thats what i was doing with spotify premium until apple music came out. i tried it and now i've switched. also - apple has the brand power. its a "cool" brand. its better known than spotify as a brand and it has its whole entire MacOS, iOS, iTunes base of users to tap. the software is already there and its handily beat out other music services (sony, zune etc) in previous attempts. apple is what made google, samsung and others get into music services in the first place.

creeping judas1203d ago

I was a big supporter of Zune Pass and then Xbox Music Pass. I am one of those people that has been subscribing to streaming music for over 8 years now.

At the end, Xbox Music became such a horrible app that I could no longer support it. At the end there was no way of searching for new music, and all the new music that was on the app was top 10 pop and popular rap music. There was no social aspect to the app. Quite often when you synced your music to your device it would download the same songs 2 to 3 times, taking up space on your storage device. It just was not a very good app. So I jumped ship and went with Spotify. But if the new Groove Music app is a better app on W10 devices I would consider coming back.

donthate1203d ago

What was the reason for you to stick so long with MS and their music service?

creeping judas1203d ago

Before the 8.1 upgrade it was a decent service. But when they upgrades to the 8.1 version, it became horrible. And I had the upgraded version for appx 5 months, before I switched. Also there was rumours there would no longer be any updates to the Xbox Music service. Now we know why I guess.

curtis921203d ago

I'm not sure honestly why some companies even try against spotify, pandora and apple music.

Actually now that I say that... I bet MS buys Spotify.

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