Microsoft kicks off Xbox Ultimate Game Sale today

MWEB GameZone writes: " The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale kicks off today and will last until the 18th of July. Xbox Live users can expect discounts of up to 40%-50% on select titles. "


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Sillicur1252d ago

great sale! 40-50% discount is a lot!

Kalebninja1252d ago

most pc games sell for less than half of the console price. I'm not impressed by these sales anymore unless its a console exclusive.

Septic1252d ago

Oh snap! I was looking to get Far Cry 4!

elarcadia1252d ago

I was lucky enough to get a physcial edition of FC4 on BB DOTD last week for 15.99 after is most definietly worth 24 though!!

iistuii1252d ago

The trouble with all these digital sales is that you can pick up a physical copy 2nd hand a lot cheaper with the option to sell it on again. Personelly new release digital games should be at these prices to get me to even consider it.

lemoncake1252d ago

Just get a family member or trustworthy friend that plays games and take it turns buying digital games, basically a 50% saving for you on digital games or more if you buy the cheaper games ;)

IrishSt0ner1252d ago

Also you can buy from other digital marketpalces, from the UK we can buy new titles (not on sale) from the US marketplace for £32. If setup with family sharing, as you've mentioned, you could potntially get 2 brand new AAA titles for £32... I stopped buying discs on console this generation for this very reason.

iistuii1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

50% off a new digital game is still £30 here in the UK, crazy £59.99 prices of most AAA games new digital. I can get a new physical copy for £34, complete it or sell it on a month or so later & recoup £25 at the very least back towards my next game. There's absolutely no way with the amount of games I buy on both my consoles id be able to afford digital..3 digital games shared price like you suggested is £90, £120 not shared, yet 3 physical £102 with £75-£85 coming back to me. My only digital is EA access. I had Fifa 15 on PS4, sold it for £25 & got EA access for £20 still getting Fifa 15 & another 11 games, now that's a digital bargain.

TearsOfARapper841252d ago

I like doing these digital sales because I make the living room Xbox my home Xbox and then my roommate and I can just split the already cheap cost.

Septic1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Me and my mate do the same thing...except that he never pays me


JeffGUNZ1252d ago

Literally just bought a house and am closing on Thursday. What an awful time financially for this sale. Guess the weed wacker fund will be shifted to some games. Better get some gloves for the wife to hand pick them weeds!

objdadon1251d ago

Good for you bruh, there's nothing better than being a home owner. Enjoy and congrats!

JeffGUNZ1251d ago

Thanks man! I am pumped!

MSBAUSTX1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Ok so I have been going over these deals extensively and I do not see anything that screams AMAZING. Some of them are good like the Tell Tale games and Ori. However, the rest of them are basically what you can get already. I can get a physical copy of Dragon Age Inquisition on Amazon for $29.99. That being the case why would I pay the same price for a digital copy that I can't trade in at a later date? Same goes for Diablo 3. and most of the other games on here. I got Ori. That was a good deal. Everything else has failed to live up to my initial excitement.

Edit: The XBOX 360 deals are far superior to these by the way. I grabbed a few games there for 3 to 5 bucks.

LAWSON721252d ago

I agree but Goat Simulator and the Telltale collection for $55 are good deals. I was really hoping for a good BF4 Premium Edition sale but instead Hartline got a mediocre deal

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