10 best games of 2015 that you might've missed

Red Bull writes: The top console blockbusters and indie hits of the year so far - how many have you played?

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JoeMcCallister1295d ago

Idk how Bloodborne and The Witcher might have been missed, they were both timed well enough that they were pretty big news when they came out and sold in the millions. Otherwise pretty good list.

I would have thrown in Invisible Inc, The Weaponographist, Ark: Survival Evolved, or Crypt of the Necrodancer on my list.

GhostTurtle1295d ago

Same with Pillars and Splatoon. Both got enough mass coverage that I wouldn't really call them "might've missed" titles. You know what they are, you're either digging them or not.

ARC should have made the list most deff though. Really fun game if you play with friends.

Spotie1294d ago

Sorry, never heard of Pillars. Or, if I did, it did nothing for me.

medman1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Well, Ark hasn't officially released as of yet (scheduled to release in 2016), and is still in early access so it shouldn't be in the list in my opinion. Not sure about the other games in your list as I haven't heard of them.

gameboy11295d ago

Project CARS is crap....