Surprise. Call of Duty Wii Games Still Have Online Multiplayer

Not only that, the communities in it are active enough that players find lobbies are full.

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Fro_xoxo2170d ago

that is pretty cool ^_^ :)

Nick_The_Slick2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Wtf? Who would willingly subject themselves to the horror of playing these games on the Wii?????

PhoenixUp2169d ago

Plenty of CoD games arrived on PS2 and Wii, yet you didn't hear PS3 and 360 gamers complaining and making claims that their version was being held back. No reason for PS4 and X1 CoD gamers to start complaining.

TheDreamCorridor2169d ago


People always complain about Call of Duty graphics.

PhoenixUp2168d ago

Not so much back then. The two versions had two separate dev teams so the higher end version wouldn't be held back, same thing is happening now.

ginsunuva2169d ago

What if activision pays a few people to keep playing online to make sure it never hits zero.