Biggest Mistake NCSoft Can Make With Blade And Soul NA/EU

In this discussion video, I bring forth the biggest mistake NCSoft can make with Blade and Soul NA/EU. Topics we discuss are the item mall, and the biggest possible mistake of not bringing over the most up to date version of the game. What do you think is the biggest mistake they can make?

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Zsharpes1198d ago

What's the biggest mistake you think they can make?

tawnea1192d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with the content that will be available at launch. I've played the CN version for 2 years and NCSoft have taken this decision because it is the best decision for success of the game. Keep in mind the majority of players have not played other versions, having frequent content updates ready for after release in the coming years will ensure the game is frequently updated, more often than other versions were, until it slowly catches up to the latest.

As a member of the fan forums and looking at feedback on social media, I can say that the vast majority of hardcore players who have played on other region servers accept the level & story cap that has been decided and didn't expect it to be any different.

You have to understand that the western version will be customised/localised to make it successful in the west. This is an Eastern fantasy MMORPG game and it takes time to make the changes required to adapt it for a western audience. If you were to launch the game with the latest content at release, everyone would just blaze through the content and then be twiddling their thumbs waiting and whining why the the next content update is taking so long to be released, get bored then move to other games.

NCSoft want Blade & Soul to be successful and not flop, it's a great game with great combat, it's very fluid and fun to play, there will be plenty of content at release in my opinion and as you mentioned in the video, we're getting the latest version with all the patches, just minus content, which will be delivered in a scheduled, no delayed fashion eventually.