Hidetaka Miyazaki talks Dark Souls 3, reveals weapon changes and speedier movement

From GameWatcher: "Like all fans of the Souls series, I pretty much revere creator Hidetaka Miyazaki as a saint/saviour figure, coming down from on high to test and ultimately reward us with his intricately designed masterpieces. All hail Miyazaki.

Still, even I was a bit surprised to see Dark Souls 3 announced at this year's E3, and even more so to see the big man himself return to the series after his absence from the previous game (he was busy with PS4 exclusive Bloodborne)."

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Tdmd1252d ago

Can't wait to see Bloodborne's influence over Dark Souls 3. Might become the best souls yet!

iDadio1252d ago

I hope it takes some influence but I hope the combat isn't a fast as bloodborne, I'm a massive fan of the more strategic style of the souls series and whilst a bit of speed may make it feel a bit less clunky I hope it doesn't go overboard.

JJShredder1252d ago

I agree. I like the freedom of choice of either rocking some turtle armor and going meticulously through worlds or to strip naked and roll around enemies using nothing but a knife.

Bloodborn was great but I beleive it suffered from a more narrow focus. I beat it once and am having a hard time going back.....Dark souls 2, beat five times and each run felt fresh.

Shinuz1251d ago

Exactly the same here, got something like 180hrs clocked in DS2 in NG+++, whilst in bloodborne i'm at like 50hrs and starting my NG+ but i'm not very pscyched to finish it again.

kingdom181252d ago

Just give us gameplay already! But this is nice to hear, the thing that I hated about DS after playing Bloodborne was how slow it felt, its nice to know they are going to speed it up.

Conzul1251d ago

Some of those smaller (sized lol) bosses in Bloodborne resulted in fights with an amazing sense of speed and desperation.

It reminded me how for half of Shadow of the Colossus I was fighting behemoths and then I was caught completely off-guard by the smaller, faster colossi near the end.

Zero1091251d ago

Played DS, I really liked it. Then I played BB, freaking loved it. Then I played DSII Remastered (I got it after BB) and it felt weird and off (guess I was to used to the fast paced combat of BB).

I'm glad they found some middle ground so players can decide to be more aggressive or stay using the shield tactic. And each weapon will be unique..can't wait to see gameplay.