Minecraft Story Mode is Fully Voiced

Minecraft is getting a standalone story mode made by TellTale Games with support/help from both Mojang and the Minecraft community. It centers around a character named Jesse and his friends as they try to find The Order of the Stone to ask them to help to save the world. Along with adding a story to a sandbox game like Minecraft, TellTale Games is bringing in a robust cast of voice actors.

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RobLoPR1199d ago

It looks pretty good... Im looking forward to it.

lemoncake1199d ago

I would expect nothing less. Seems interesting.

MSBAUSTX1199d ago

Notice Mojang did it too. don't blame them alone. Besides it looks like fun. Depends on how they incorporate all the sandbox features in to the game. PUZZLES GALORE

SaveFerris1199d ago

Not that Minecraft isn't already huge, but this could definitely bring in more fans.