Sony says it's 'too early' to announce Project Morpheus price

PSU writes:

Sony hints that a price for Project Morpheus won't be announced for a while.

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Army_of_Darkness1197d ago

Wait for manufacturing cost to drop, rather than announce it now and scare away half the potential buyers like me lol! Good idea Sony.
Tell us the price when you can afford to lower it a bit more.

FoxyGotGame1197d ago

PSX 2015 is probably the venue for a Project Morpheus pricing announcement. If it doesn't happen there, Project M. will most likely not launch until fall 2016 or spring 2017.

I hope VR takes off and is profitable for the Companies involved. It would be unfortunate (especially for Sony) if this venture turns out to be a commercial failure.

Angeljuice1197d ago

I don't know why you've come to that conclusion. Sony said first half of 2016, they said nothing about a price announcement at PSX (although quite plausible).
If they don't announce it at PSX, they'll announce it some other time. I'll take Sony's word over yours, thanks all the same.

FoxyGotGame1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


"I'll take Sony's word over yours, thanks all the same".

What's your problem?? I'm not asking you or anyone to take my word over anything, because I'm just 'Speculating'. You come off as someone who loves confrontation. Just chillax and drink your Juice.

Don't be such a Drama Queen /

Angeljuice1197d ago

Well, I was just pointing out that you haven't got the foggiest clue when Sony will announce anything, yet you talk as if you're an expert on the matter;

"If it doesn't happen there, project M. will probably not launch until fall 2016 or spring 2017".

What a lot of [email protected], but thanks for your wisdom that you plucked straight from your anus.
It's not what you said, its how you portray yourself as being knowledgeable on the subject.

morganfell1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


I just find it odd that Sony provided a release window but you seem sure that Sony is wrong.

You, a nobody on the internet like thew rest of us, is sure Sony, the console leader is incorrect, lying, or simply doesn't know what they are saying. All because they will not give you a price announcement. Does that not seem a bit off to you?

morganfell1197d ago

Actually they said first half of 2016. It is pretty safe bet the launch will be right around E3.

spacedelete1197d ago

am i the only person who likes gaming the good old fashioned way with a controller in hand staring at my Tv ? i'm not spending a cent on VR. just imagine how much they could have invested in games if not for wasting on VR which they will abandon sooner or later anyway.

spacedelete1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

no and i never will. controller and a TV is perfectly fine so i don't need gimmicks and that goes for MS and FaceBook as well. its just a way to rinse people with unproven technology.

edit @Septic playing on a TV is immersive enough. i don't need need a headset stuck to my skull to be immersed. its gameplay that immerses you not the device. also notice there was no AAA games announced at E3 that supported VR other than mini game type games. nothing like GTA will ever work with VR because its too taxing. i guarantee you by the end of this gen VR will be like PS Move. dead and abandoned within the first year.

Septic1197d ago


"no and i never will."

Well then you're on your own.

I want more immersion in gaming and if VR works properly, it can be way more than a gimmick.

b163o11197d ago

I think VR is going to take the hell off, mainly cause we're only looking at the gaming aspect of it. Imagine going to the movie's strapping on a headset, where you have basic head movement in the movie. VR is about to shake the planet when it arrives...

MartinB1051196d ago

I just love seeing the kind of ignorance as demonstrated by spacedelete. "Let's never try anything new because how could it possibly be better than what we already have!?".

spacedelete is probably still playing music with a cassette Walkman because it plays music "perfectly fine", so he doesn't need gimmicks like an iPod/MP3 player or a smart phones.

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FoxyGotGame1197d ago


Then why did you bother to comment if you have no interest in VR?

Illogical /

spacedelete1197d ago

then why comment a reply to me if you have no interest ? take your own advice.

Sitdown1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

They didn't say they had no interest in VR, but that they didn't plan on gaming in VR. Big difference. They could have no desire to play VR, but still follow VR to see how it influences gaming.

Likewise, it was never mentioned that there was no interest in your comment.

gamer78041197d ago

It's not for everyone for sure, it will remain a niche market, similar to 3d gaming. They both had a resurgence in the late 90's and trailed off again. I'm sure this will be a bit of a comeback, but really not a game changer like some might hope.

I won't be getting either VR or hololens, but i'll definitely try them out.

starchild1197d ago

I bet you're wrong. I think VR will be a game changer. It's going to be here to stay and it will evolve over time just as with all technologies.

I don't think traditional gaming is going to disappear, but I do think more and more gaming will be done in VR over time.

I don't know why some people compare it to 3D televisions. The depth and impact of the experience isn't even remotely comparable.

OB1Biker1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I think VR is the future of First person perspective games (I hope so anyway). I dont know if it ll take off now but Im sure it has to start now.

gamer78041197d ago

Il remember when I played my first vr game in 1999. It was an fps. Sure the tech will evolve over time. But for now it will remain niche until the tech is good enough that physical accessories are not needed. Sure it won't go away but it won't be mainstream in any way.

SniperControl1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"am i the only person who likes gaming the good old fashioned way with a controller in hand staring at my Tv"

Urmm, that is exactly what you can do with VR, i have many games on my PC that use just a standard controller(in my case a DS4) Alien Isolation is a great example, i can sit comfortably on my sofa with the VR headset on, controller in hand and headphones on head to fully immerse myself for hours with no problems. By the way, being hunted by a Xenomorph in VR is a pretty scary experience, i dont get that same feeling playing the game on a normal TV.

VR is going to be a massive game changer for alot of gamers, sure it may not attract the casual crowd but i dont think it's really aimed at them.

I just dont get people who slag off and dismiss VR without even trying it.

spacedelete1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

thats the thing. for VR to be successful casuals need to buy into it and thats not gonna happen because VR is a very unsocial experience and a person can look like a prat wearing it. core gamers are a minority and can't support something expensive like VR never mind that even some core gamers don't want it. VR is a niche within a niche.

SniperControl1197d ago


VR gaming has never been touted as a social experience, your not gonna sit there wearing a VR headset with your mates sitting on the sofa next to you, are you?

Who the hell cares how you look wearing it, your gonna be alone playing a game anyway lol.

VR, especially on PC, is being aimed at the hardcore PC gamer(the recommended specs point to that) and there are millions of us hardcore gamers out there to cement VR's success.

The same can be said for PMorh, it doesn't need casuals to sell it, this isnt a cutesy Wii with a cutesy motion controller, it's for the hardcore gamers out there who are willing to spend extra to greatly enhance their gaming experience.

Angeljuice1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


You really ought to try it before bashing it. You seem a bit of a technophobe, but remember, video games were brand new tech once, was their anything wrong with just watching TV?

joeorc1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


Nothing was wrong with just TV, but the effect on bringing an.interactive element to the TV was at one time a niche market until.

It grew.

VR is not one of those things that is a niche within a Niche.

It was and always has been a Technology to strive to bring in more immersive interactivity between a user and a virtual environment.

Being able to play a video game with a game pad in hand is just a basic functionality of VR.

VR still does not deviate from the use of the game pad, as a matter of fact the game pad is just one more control system you as The user has access to.


Right now in theatres 3D movies are still being made, so if it was forgotten about now than why is it still there?

And Again

The fact that, saying things like "just like Playstation Move will be forgotten" funny thing and is Quite Ironic, out of the Three big console makers, which Motion control impute method is still being used with system for Hard core gaming, not one motion control system that Trying or can sorta do hard core game Ui control for as a means to use in FPS, Control system as the same as a Mouse Pointer. Which Motion Control system now directly has another such VR system with the same basic wireless control set up for Oculus Rift. Works exactly like Playstation Move..hmm I wonder why; maybe because unlike the other two motion control options for Hardcore Gaming impute, those other two were just not able to get a real solid usability for such a imput method needed to work for hard core gaming.

Now not saying the other Two cannot be fun, but they are just not as Viable a control method for FPS or mouse Pointer input methods that you need for a motion control device to be able to gather that fine controls needed for such.

Playstation Move is not forgotten, as a matter of fact just like the game pad its not just a passing control method for hard core gaming, it is another control input method that has proven like the game pad that it indeed does work for such a purpose and rather well.


The fact that Oculus Rift basic core motion control method mimics the basic core method that Dr. richard Marks Bback @ SIGGRAPH 2000 on over the years at those computer and technology conventions.

Does indeed Show that it works.

G20WLY1197d ago

Spacedelete is right, it's like videogames - I mean come on, what's wrong with board games or playing cards? They'll never take off...

VR?! lol, next you'll be telling me millions of people play poker or bingo on that webternet thingy!


Spacedelete, I guarantee you Sony (and others going in for VR) have done research that blows your gut feelings out of the window. Rather than being a naysaying Debbie Downer, you could just wait and see, like the rest of us - with a brighter outlook, you might get more enjoyment out of life... ;^)

Xavior_Reigns1197d ago

Theres nothing wrong with wanting to keep gaming the way one's accustomed to. However if we ever want to "jack in" or "fulldive," these are the first logical steps.

Jaqen_Hghar1197d ago

And you are free to do that. Sony has these non traditional things separate for a reason. They don't force it in with your normal console like their competitors

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