Mortal Kombat X Free Classic Fatalities

Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage do what they did back in 1992 and rip off heads, spines or burn their opponents. Special Kudos belongs to the Sonya Blade Kiss of Death Fatality which looks exactly like her classic one, just with the graphics of today of course.

And the best is, these classic fatalities are free dlc. Alongside with the fatalities, Scorpions "Cold War" Skin that was previously a Pre-Order Bonus at Gamestop is soon also available for everyone for free.

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Hoffmann1203d ago

For the first time since many weeks, one of my submissions reached 50° on N4G.

But for me, it was Tuesday!

MWH1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

good one, Bison.

it's nice to see these classic Fatalities making a come back, they should add more and while at it I think they should change the fatality theme, MK1,2,3 theme's were much better.

@Hoffmann below

agreed (y)

Hoffmann1203d ago

In MKX its just dark, like the whole game..I think they overdid it a bit there.

Having the MK 1 Fatality Sounds there would have been a nice nod, I also noticed that the classic TOASTY yell by Dan Forden is sadly least in Scorpions fatality it should have been there, for some laughs, but that we get those fatalities for free is a nice gesture in the gaming business world of today already.

Majin-vegeta1203d ago

Can't wait to play Predator once I get off work.It's gonna be a long day..