Sims 4 will release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2016

The Sims has always had a certain level of anticipation and hype whenever a new version of the game is about to be launched. The game always sells huge number sand despite the fact that it was initially designed for the PC, the Sims has made its way to other gaming consoles due to its ever increasing fan base in the gaming community. EA (Electronic Arts) games recently announced that it will be releasing Sims 4 in different formats to cater for gamers who own some of the major gaming consoles in the market.

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Chaosdreams1198d ago

Strip game features, add it back as dlc.

I love the Sims, but I despise EA. I won't be supporting this, if and when it does arrive to consoles.

Wikkid6661197d ago

Maybe even F2P with a ton of micro transactions.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

I'm guessing it will be dumbed down from the PC version. Not to mention missing so much content to begin with

SegaGamer1197d ago

I hope this happens. But knowing EA, they will have a lot of DLC for it.

5yb5n6u1197d ago

people complaining about pc versions dlcs should checking the free, smarphones version.
they literally a daylight mugging.

SilverClock1197d ago

The only way I'll even remotely consider buying this game is if they included all the DLC for free or they had local multiplayer.

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