Elder Scrolls Online: SteamFirst Review

SteamFirst: Begin another journey in the famous Elder Scrolls series, with Elder Scrolls Online. Create your hero, and go on an epic journey.

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Snappy1202d ago

Loving this game, just reached lvl 10 great game.

Sam Fisher1202d ago

Hey what faction you in? Need a buddy to play i got 2 char lvl 10

LAWSON721202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I had fun until a little after that level, but then got bored and I just find it unbearable to play. I can't help but feel I am waiting my time when I was trying to play it.

ChronoJoe1202d ago

Found it really boring.

The story is just so unbearably dull. I wouldn't mind if it had none, but with all the NPCs being voiced, it'd be nice if the quest lines left me caring about even one of them, but they don't.

Not a single great character amoung thousands. The gameplay itself is basic, it's pretty cookie cutter MMO stuff, with an Elder Scrolls theme. For some I can see that being enough but I see my time as worth more than that. MMOs are very time consuming, so the selection of one to play is incredibly important to me, and I would want the game I was playing to offer something unique. ESO just doesn't do that.

DanteVFenris6661202d ago

its an mmo that doesnt have cookie cutter builds and awards exploration that is what is unique. An mmo with a justice system. A lot of things make it unique as an mmo.

First person and third person in an mmo. So many features that other mmos dont offer

ChronoJoe1202d ago

Justice systems aren't unique in MMOs, how many have you played? Just because WOW doesn't have something doesn't make it unique.

First person is interesting, but its only objective merit is immersion. Hard to find the world immersive with all it's gamey elements. You're much better off playing in third, leaving yourself incredibly vulnerable in first in PVP and higher level content.

Additionally, just because you get a choice of a range of skills doesn't make it not a 'cookie cutter mmo'. If you want to be useful in tamriel you're either DPS, Tank or Support and none of those roles are especially interesting. Interchange through 4 powers, repetitively till the fights over. No control or map manipulation focused classes causes fights to play very similarly from one to another. It's alright if it's your first MMO, or your just looking for accessibility and simplicity, but I find the lack of depth dull.

DanteVFenris6661202d ago

imagine your a game designer.

Now tell me something besides a tank, support, or damage. tell me something that would be new and fresh.

lets be real here. thats the only roles that are really possible in battle.

Ive played other mmos. And all of them are a lot more duller than you make it. Like archage couldnt play more than a couple of hours.

ChronoJoe1201d ago

There are tonnes of additional possibilities you can use have a class involved in combat. What about map manipulation based roles? The ability to move enemies and allies around?

What about control? focused on reducing enemy movement or action points.

Heck what about something new entirely? These games are restricted by their desire to placate rather than innovate. What about classes based on possession or terrain manipulation? What about a class based on turrets and stationary mountable summons?

DOOMZ1202d ago

LOVING this game!!!!!

Duke191202d ago

Finally hit level 10 with my first char (progression seems pretty slow compared to other MMO's). Enjoying it, but I am hoping that once I get out of the first zone things may pick up a little bit.

wakeNbake1202d ago

Not sure why this game gets so much hate, Im actually really enjoying it.

GamerzElite1202d ago

I love this game and hate too. ESO is great game and I play everyday but I hate ZOS as a developer. Game has some issue from past 1 year and they didn't fix it. After launching Crown store, ZOS team concentrate on Store rather than fixing the game or bringing new content.

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