E3 2015: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony - The Results - IGN Versus

We asked if your preferred Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony during E3 2015. Here are the results and the winner of IGN's People's Choice Award.

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Cindy-rella1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Sony had the best e3 conference in my opinion. I cant believe after an abysmal show by Nintendo that nes fanatics would be silly enough to think Nintendo had the best showing at e3. I know its a small number of those nes fantastics but Nintendos was so bad i would think barely anyone would like what they had show.

Microsoft had backwards compatibility on Xbox one for 360 games which is a nice feature, however i dont think its a game changer. Its nice to have more options on consoles. Microsoft had a good conference overall but i dont think it was as good as sonys conference.

Sony had a lot of big surprises. The biggest new game i saw at e3 was horizon which is a sony exclusive and it looks amazing. Uncharted 4 also looked amazing and technologically above anything else seen at e3. Those two games will be 1080p @30fps which nullifies in my mind silly chatter about 30fps games not being playable. Id prefer 60fps or more but 30fps is ok with me.

StrayaKNT1913d ago

Microsoft had the better show with bc and ALOT of EXCLUSIVE games coming this year where as sony had mostly multiplats due in a few years. I don't think it was even close imo.

feelforlove1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Sony had the best show and whole internet agrees. They showed 3 most wanted games ever and best new IP - Horizon. And Uncharted 4 gameplay.

Game Critics Awards

Best of Show
- Fallout 4 (Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda)
- Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games/SCE)
- Oculus Touch (Oculus VR)
- Star Wars Battlefront (DICE/EA)
- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Naughty Dog/SCE)

2 exclusives, both Sony games.

EA and Sony publishers with most nominees.

"Microsoft had the better show with bc and ALOT of EXCLUSIVE games coming this year..."

and when you say ALOT you mean Forza 6 and Halo 5 - just like last year.

feelforlove1913d ago

FF VII Remake and Shenmue III are multiplats just like Tomb Raider. Leave out Tomb Raider and you have Forza 6 and Halo 5 for rest of year. Fantastic!

dafegamer1913d ago

"mostly multiplats" stopped reading there

NatureOfLogic_1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

@feelforlove, "and when you say ALOT you mean Forza 6 and Halo 5 - just like last year."


BC was the highlight of MS E3. That doesn't impress me at all. MS did nothing to make me want X1. They did reassure me that X1 will continue to be a Halo, Gears and Forza rehash box.

SoapShoes1913d ago

Sony has a ton of exclusive games coming this year from 3rd parties. Why would they show us what has already been shown?

Germany71913d ago

"Mostly multiplats".
Just according to you, Sony again showed better exclusives, new ips and diversity, unlike Microsoft with the same games ever, few people was impressed with the new Halo and Gears 4.

Jaqen_Hghar1913d ago

A man will just leave this here to disprove this 2015 myth about PS4 having no games. As usual Sony supports their system throughout the YEAR instead of just the holidays. Xbox fans don't like to bring up Jan-Oct. for this reason and just say "best holiday lineup!"

Lightning Mr Bubbles1913d ago

48% to 43%

It wasn't even that close really. There's obviously still some XBOX fanboyism in the USA.

xHeavYx1913d ago

MS showed the same games from last E3 plus a few indies. Sony, as usual, brought the big announcements.
I said it before, if the highlight of your show is that you'll be able to play last gen games in your current gen console, then there's something wrong.

donthate1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

MS showed a lot of games coming in the next 12 months. They brought out a lot of good stuff, and they are bringing more to Gamescom as they couldn't fit it into E3.

I think that stellar show is reflected in the polls there, as MS was very close to Sony, yet people tend to vote on what they own and there are far more PS4 owners than Xbox One, yet the difference is very small.

I hope MS continues to be the underdog, because MS has never been more productive.

Enjoy your consoles whatever you chose. I will enjoy all of mine for sure!!! :D

JMyers1913d ago

Sony and MS had the same number of exclusives showcased at E3. Also MS showcased mostly multiplats in the 360 era, which was okay then? MS has shown Forza, Gears and Halo for the last 8 E3s. Does this still get people excited? Maybe.

The Last Guardian, FF7, Shenmue, Horizon... Games people wanted for years, plus gameplay. MS had a good show, but to say Sony showed multiplats is just ridiculous.

Gazondaily1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


"MS showed the same games from last E3 plus a few indies"

I don't remember Recore and Sea of Thieves appearing last year?

"plus a few indies. Sony, as usual, brought the big announcements. "

Ah indies don't matter now as well...hmm.

Personally I give the edge to Sony because of the big announcements. Whilst a lot needs to be seen about Shenmue 3 and FF7, they are big announcements and Horizon and UC4 looked great (although UC4 was also shown off last year).


"MS did nothing to make me want X1."

Of course they didn't lol.

I think MS did stress out their immediate future A LOT more better though. Also, they have staggered showings for many games to Gamescom which is great. It was a very close E3 though. I'm just about inclined to give it to Sony.


"They did reassure me that X1 will continue to be a Halo, Gears and Forza rehash box."

Lol what a laughable statement. Well not surprising because this comment is coming from you but Phantom Dust, Scalebound, Sea of Thieves, Recore etc makes it rehash box? And people bubbled you up and marked you as well said for this shoddy statement? Someone please explain how this site isn't biased again?

LCEvans1913d ago Show
freshslicepizza1913d ago

"MS showed the same games from last E3 plus a few indies."

rare's new game sea of thieves was not mentioned last e3. neither was recore, rare's replay collection, gears of war 4 and forza 6. sony also showed games from last e3 and indie titles. so why as a ps4 fan is your first reaction is to attack the competition?

"Sony, as usual, brought the big announcements.
I said it before, if the highlight of your show is that you'll be able to play last gen games in your current gen console, then there's something wrong."

why did you not mention the hololens demonstration of minecraft that got the crowd excited? what about the new elite controller? how about the focus on windows 10 collaboration between the xbox one and windows 10 devices and things like mod support?

your comments seem to have the same agenda, make the xbox one look bad at all cost. why? why not just be excited for what the ps4 offers and ignore the xbox one is you despise microsoft so much.

ninsigma1913d ago

By "ALOT of EXCLUSIVE games" you mean the same games we had last year?? BC was the highlight of xbox show and that just couldn't compete with TLG, FF7 remake, uncharted 4, horizon and for a lot of people shenmue 3 (not for me though).

Death1912d ago

This is a pointless argument since PS fans will say Sony wins, Xbox fans will say MS wins, etc.

Personally I find it hard to believe Sony "wins" E3 2015 by announcing games that have no release dates. Horizon looks awesome and was my favorite from the show. The FFVII announcement was also a surprise and long overdue. Shenmue was just odd in the way it went down and is still getting funded so development can start. Without knowing what year these games are releasing it's hard to get too excited. Definitely great news for gamers, but not something we can actual enjoy anytime soon.

Microsoft's conference was more about the here and now. Before E3 even ended, preview members were playing Gears multiplayer and experiencing backwards compatibility. Those that downloaded the Windows 10 preview are also streaming their Xbox One games to tablets and PC's today. As for the games, we will also be able to play many of them before the end of this year. For me, Microsoft's E3 was the best because it is the most relevant not only this year, but today. With more announcements at Gamescon to come it's a very exciting time for Xbox owners now.

I honestly have no opinion on Nintendo's show. I watched both the Microsoft and Sony presentations and was happy with both. I've always enjoyed Nintendo games and systems, but not enough to follow too closely. My kids are much bigger Nintendo fans than I am. I'm still with the Sega does what Nintendon't crowd more. ;)

uth111912d ago

If the announcement that you can now play old games on your new system is the E3-winning announcement, then it would have to be a truly sad E3.

BC is nice and all, but some people greatly overplay the importance of it.

Death1912d ago


I'm pretty sure the only ones that claim B/C is the only reason Microsoft won E3 are Sony fans. Microsoft fans are saying they won since they can actual benefit from the shows announcements this year where Sony's show is more about years from now. B/C is only one of the things we will have before this year ends. I'm looking forward to the synergy Microsoft is creating with Windows 10 and DirectX. With less and less time to actually sit down and game it's nice to see gaming getting easier to access. Universal apps/games are long overdue.

No Way1912d ago

The amount of fanboyism in this article; phew!
There was no 'best of' at E3; it's all subjective.
Although, I believe we can all agree that MS and Sony had a good showing, where as Nintendo.. Did not.
MS's BC is a big deal, I have over a 100 360 games. Most I wouldn't mind to play again on the XBo. Especially with cross platform play. They also showed some fresh games, with Sea of Thieves and ReCore.
Sony also showed off alot of good things, specifically Horizon. That's the big thing I remember from their showing. UC4 looks fantastic, of course.

Duno why there is always so much hostility, 😂

r2oB1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@ death

So you are saying showing Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Forza 6, Gears remaster, and Fable Legends is the reason MS won this years E3? Really?

- Halo 5 and Tomb Raider were already announced and release dates given before this years E3, so how is showing them again at E3 any sort of surprise or big announcement? Not to mention the actual trailers themselves were somewhat underwhelming (not saying the games are bad, just the trailers).
- Forza is a yearly franchise, fans already know a Forza game is going to release every year. So again, how is that any sort of surprise or big announcement if you already knew it was coming.
- Gears is a remaster (not a remake), so that in of itself isn't really worthy of a big E3 announcement. Especially since it's only one game of the franchise, which is a bit disappointing, considering the value provided in TMCC.
- So that leaves Fable Legends. Is this the game that surprised everyone and solidified MS winning E3? Probably not.
- Also, Rare Replay was a nice announcement, but not the type of announcement that would have them win E3.

MS fans are exaggerating the whole "here and now" bit.. The best games at MS conference, ironically, were the ones that aren't releasing this year (I.e. Recore, Sea of Theives, Cuphead).

kenshiro1001912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

You're entitled to your opinion but stop spreading falsehood. Sony did not just announce multiplats.

Death1912d ago


Forza is not a yearly franchise. A new Forza Motorsports releases every other year. Forza Horizon releases the years in between Forza Motorsports. They are two different series. Are you saying sequels don't count? Remakes don't either? FFVII is a remake. Shenmue is a sequel. So maybe you are saying remakes and sequels don't count if they are Xbox? You are going to penalize Microsoft for being more consistent? Sony played the exact same trailer for Last Guardian this year that they did in 2008. To me it looked as though Sony was desperately trying to find things to present at e3. A recycled trailer from 6 years ago and a kickstarter initiative for Shenmue that Sony says was done to gauge interest in the series. This leaves Horizon which was a complete surprise and looks very promising. When is it coming out?

Microsoft had games here and now which you say is irrelevant. They also had new features which fans have access to today as well as the full roll out later this year. The Gears remake which was a surprise and will keep fans content until next year when the new Gears releases. We also have the games you mentioned to look forward to next year. You missed the Oculus partnership and Hololens demonstration in your points too. On top of all of this we also got a preview of the Windows 10 integration with Xbox One that supports cross platform purchases, cross platform play and streaming to Windows 10 devices.

ShinMaster1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

* Horizon: Zero Dawn
* Shenmue 3
* The Last Guardian
* Uncharted 4
* Street Fighter 5
* Ratchet & Clank
* World of Final Fantasy
* Dreams
* Devolver Digital games
* Persona 5
* Final Fantasy 7 Remake

None of these PS4 games are coming to Xbox One.

I expect fanboys to move the goalpost and try to define what games count and which don't by calling them "niche" among other things.
That's like leaving out AAA bro games because they're too mainstream and sequels for being unoriginal or saying things like "not everyone cares about them" just because you personally don't. It's dumb. Stop it.

Also, there are plenty of third-party and multiplatform games coming out this fall.
The PS4 is not limited to playing only first-party games.

r2oB1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@ death

You just proved my point about Forza, you know the release schedule, so what's to be surprised about when it gets announced every E3?

I never said sequels didn't count. What I said is there isn't much of a surprise at E3 when the games shown were already known, and release dates were already known prior to E3.

FFVII is a remake, you are correct. It's a complete overhaul of a 18 year old game. Gears is a Remaster of a single game of a series, hardly the same scenario as FFVII. It's actually more comparitve to GoW3 remaster and Uncharted collections, both of which are releasing this year. Shenmue 3 is a sequel to a game that came out 14 years ago. I think it's safe to say FFVII and Shenmue are not your typical remaster/sequels you are trying to make them out to be.

I suggest you re watch the 2009 E3 trailer for the Last Guardian and what was shown at 2015 E3. You would see that it's not the exact same thing. For instance the 2009 trailer was a montage of difference parts of the game pieced together to make a trailer. What was shown this E3 was gameplay from one section of the game. Did you even see either of them?

The oculus partnership was announced before E3. The Hololens demo was pretty neat, but people are saying what they showed on camera was not what you see through the Hololens, the Hololens has a much smaller field of view. Also Sony had playable demos for Morpheus at E3, which seemed to be getting more praised than Hololens.

Windows 10 integration is a nice feature. Will it work with games purchased through Steam, Origin, uPlay, GMG, etc.? I'm referring to cross platform purchase and play. If so, that would be really nice. The streaming aspect however seems underwhelming since it only works within the same network. Also note, cross platform purchase is something PS gamers are used to. Also there have been a few games with cross platform play. And remote play allows you to play games outside of your home network, and the PSTV allows streaming to any TV in the same network. This is all stuff PS gamers can do today. Nothing new.

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remixx1161913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I constantly here certain guys say Microsoft won this time because they showed games coming this year or Nintendo's was better because they showed games releasing sooner....that's like saying your food automatically tastes better because the waiter got it to you sooner... me weird but I don't care about seeing games coming soon, that's the stupidest argument for winning I've ever heard.

At e3 I don't want to see games I've been known about.....that I've already seen footage of and that's coming soon in a couple can have commercials and smaller events for that....

I want to see surprises....that what e3 is about, surprising new and interesting sequels and IPS....along with cool hardware and software announcements.

Sony brought the surprises regardless of how you guys felt about the way in which they were delivered.....why do you care if this game is a kick starter....I'm just happy I'll get to play it, regardless of your downplaying. for the ff7 thing, we don't know the conditions of its exclusivity (I'm sure its timed and releasing on Xbox and PC) but you guys swing tomb raider timed around like a towel....especially Aussie above...

Even games we haven't seen footage of until e3 like forza6 and gears 4 were things a blind man could have seen coming a mile away....halo gears forza fable is a staple.......gamescom is where MS will really surprise me.

I never imagined how great horizon would look, I can barely wrap my head around dreams' consept, final fantasy 7 remake was earth shattering news, street fighter 5 was a feast for the FGC lover in me, shenmue 3 was something I could have never guessed was coming, the last guardian had me doing back flips, worlds of final fantasy seemed like sqeenix was finally digging back into their PS roots, nier from platinum games was and awesome surprise and uncharted 4 needs no introduction

^this is why I thought sony won e3.....

.........I'm not going to talk about Nintendo......

donthate1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"I want to see surprises....that what e3 is about, surprising new and interesting sequels and IPS....along with cool hardware and software announcements. "


So if Sony surprised you with some games you would be happy?

I want great games I can play and I don't want to wait a whole console generation to play the game they showed me!

I want to see exciting NOW things. Loved the reveal of BC, and it was available that day. Love the Gears:UE reveal and available that day. ReCore coming soon!

Games that may or may not release in 3-4 years as a surprise is not my thing.

But hey, enjoy that surprise for the next 3-4 years! Next year you can get another set of surprises for the next 3-4 years and buy it on the next console generation!

UltraNova1913d ago


That was a pretty lame attempt to downplay what remix said because many of this year's E3 games shown on Sony's con will be released in 2016. U4, No mans sky, Horizon (been on development for 4 years and the dev said they are confident it will be out 2016) and the last guardian to name a few.

Please take your bitter logic elsewhere.

Hotabang1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

@donthate why u hatin :P
but really
"I want great games i can play and I dont want to wait a whole console generation to play the game they showed me"
Waits another generation to play last gen games XD

....(even though i support the bc stuff, I can still see where the hype was)

remixx1161913d ago


Dude.....that rebuttal was pathetic......I clearly said I'm not excited for old news of games releasing in a couple months and you counter by saying I'm wrong and things available in a couple months that I've been known about or could've easily guessed are what should excite me....

Its not that Sony just gave me games and boom iI was was the games they gave me that made me stand up outta my seat.

You guys just live for instant gratification....... I need a lot more than boom here's remaster of and old 360 game you can play right now or bam heres a CGI trailer of a girl and a robot dog with no other info....

And your over exaggeration of our wait times was me I'll wait for legendary games while playing legendary games.....uncharted 4, bloodborne, persona 5, street fighter V, dragon quest, no mans sky +multiplats......don't worry those will hold me off pretty well until horizon, shenmue 3, dreams, the last guardian etc etc get here....

pivotplease1912d ago

That and the biggest irony is that despite the wait for Sony's 3 indisputable megatons, there is also a wait for MS's only true megaton (Gears could have been great but was unfortunately really disappointing). The BC won't even be available for months and even when it is your 360 library probably won't be "fully" playable for two or three years if at all. I call hipocrisy.

Death1912d ago


From your list the only Legendary game you've played while waiting for the others is Bloodborne and that's just a few months old. I'm not sure that refutes what donthate is saying. The Last Guardian is an extreme example but it's been 6 years since it was announced and we have no idea when it will release. Waiting 7-8 years from the time a game is announced to when you can actual play it is kind of strange. When do you think we will play Shenmue which is still in the funding process or FFXII? Uncharted 4 will release 5 years after Uncharted 3. That's not a short time either.

remixx1161912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


And let me ask you my many legendary games have you played while waiting for the incredibly obvious halo 5.......halo MCC?? Its been a long ass wait for you guys to huh??

In fact you guys have been waiting longer than us for the next big game aye?? Love them 2 months in the year aye??

Also you both neglect my point and ride the we have sooner games excuse......I don't care if my food takes longer to get if it tastes better and has more variety on the plate.....not to mention I have more chefs cooking for me and their food is a lot more surprising than the other guys....

r2oB1912d ago

@ death

The last guardian is an exception to the rule. Please advise me of any other game Sony has announce that has a similar circumstance to TLG.

Shenmue is also a different scenario since it's a kickstarter game. It's not like a traditional game where developers can start the game, keep it under wraps for a few years, then announce it relatively close to release. The development of Shenmue 3 was contingent on the kickstarter, so they can't begin development until afterwards. So the only time to announce it is before development, rather then mid development like most games.

They probably could have waited to announce FFVII until it was closer to release, but since that game is probably the single most demanded game (Half Life 3 is the only other game I can think of with that kind of demand), I can see why they announced it at E3 rather then it being leaked.

Also, The only reason Uncharted 4 is releasing so long after Uncharted 3 is because they split the staff to work on TLoU. It's highly probable the staff is still split, because of TLoU 2 (hopefully). Did you not take that into consideration?

Death1912d ago


I'm a fan of Forza and Forza Horizon. These are both in Microsofts main staple of games like Uncharted and GT is for Sony. I had a blast with Titanfall early on in this gen also and am excited for Sony fans that will get to give it a go with Titanfall 2. I'm already playing the new Fable and have played the multiplayer betas for Halo and Gears. There has been a lot going on in the Xbox camp.

Drivclubs launch was horrendous, but it is in my opinion highly under-rated and belongs in Sony's higher tier library of games. Bloodbourne is also "legendary" along with TLOU for those that missed it on the PS3 the year before.

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blackblades1913d ago

Eh e3 is old news now, it's was like 3-4 weeks ago. To Late now to have this article. C

Nick_The_Slick1913d ago ShowReplies(1)
BallsEye1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Lol at the whole video. Users voting. Poll should be named "which system do you own". It has nothing to do with who had best conference or best games. It's just fanboys voting for their beloved console. I dare someone to make a poll asking "Which console has the best Halo game" even then ps4 would win.

Don't think there is any point in arguing with n4g community as none of you really post facts. Reading comments that say MS had no accouncements just same few games all over again makes me burst in laughter.Rare Replay, backwards compatibility, Ashen, Forza 6, Gears of War 4, Gears of war ultimate (playable at home in moment of annoucement), Halo 5 guardian first SP gameplay, Recore, Rise of Tomb Raider firs gameplay, Sea of Thieves and new pro controller. It's all exclusive and coming out this year. Hell, even hololens with Minecraft was awesome. Sony shows ratched and clank remaster, few low budget indies, Horizon (this one was awesome), ask for help to fund Shemnue remaster, and shows last guardian which was shown already like 8 times every year on e3. Really?

TwoForce1913d ago

Consider that something not you don't want to bring. Microsoft relates too much on holiday released.Fallout 4 will come out, and people will play the s*** of out more than Xbox One games. Mark my work. Even mod will come out for Xbox One, that's good. And Tomb Raider will never be Xbox One exclusive, it will come out PS4 and PC. And also, the stupid mistake from 343 industry is not about Halo 5, it about their support this franchise about 34 F********* years that make me feel angry and want to punch these people in the face. That will milk the s*** out of that franchise. I wish 343 industry allow themselves to be more progressive and not convention.

showtimefolks1912d ago


Sony A++++
Microsoft A
Bethesda A. Doom and fallout 4 damn
ubi C+. Come on explain what the heck is division
Nintendo IC. Incomplete bases of e3 alone F-
pc B+

Sony had the wow factor, and e3 is about making an impact. Be very honest don't you Agree that they made the biggest impact. I mean they started out with the last guardian and followed that up with quite possibly the best new IP HORIZON

Microsoft had a great conference. But I really hope we don't fall into the same halo,gears and forza every other year. The new game from rare had colors man, and it's a proper game and not a kinect throw in.

Nintendo why even bother with a damn conference or Nintendo direct. Just make a new console and please have the specs to compete with xbox one and ps4

Bethesda just wow. Fallout 4 coming in 2015 and doom looks well very doomy lol. Bethesda keep it up

EA why even bother, your conference is so filled with people in thousanddollar suits.

Ubi I am just confused to what really is the division, every time we see the game we have more questions than answers

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SpaceRanger1913d ago

My jaw dropped not even 5 seconds into Sony's reveals. Not saying other conferences from its competitors weren't good, but Sony was on a whole other level in my opinion with their reveals.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that the percentage of votes for Sony are so similar to the market share they hold for this gen worldwide.

stuna11913d ago

Hammer meet nail! You hit the nail on the head. Bigger brand worldwide accounts for something even though there are so many who want to dismiss this fact.

Microsoft gobbled up market shares last gen, but people neglect to say why! The main contributing factor was simple, for a year and in some places a year and a half Microsoft had no competitors, unless people viewed previous gen consoles as the competition!?

Other things that hurt the PS3 was price point and developers unable to grasp developing on the tech or, flatout unwilling to try. I said it then and, I'll say it now! If the PS3 and the Xbox 360 had released at the same time last gen, the same thing that's happening this generation would have happened last gen. No if or buts about it! What Microsoft had on their side was timing.

lastking951913d ago

You could say that about the ps2 and ps1 launching before xbox. If there was a xbox console out when ps1 and ps2 launched does the ps2 sell over 100 million? Would it have even outsold OG xbox? In fact the PlayStation brand is seeing that timing benefit today with ps4.

stuna11913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


No you couldn't say it about the PS1 or PS2 , simply because those consoles ran the course of those respective generations! Sega dropped out of the race in the PS1 era and Nintendo was completely outsold console wise.

In the PS2 era Microsoft dropped out of the race barely selling 25 million consoles and, Nintendo was outsold once again. There really wasn't any similarity in those generations as opposed to this generation.

Timing played no role in the PS4's inception, if anything the fact that developers played a role in the development of Sony platform is likely the contributing factor to the PS4 popularity .

Not to mention, even with the disadvantage of the PS3 releasing up to a year and a half later, it still managed to catch up to Xbox 360 sales.

reallyNow1913d ago

sega dropped out in the PS2 era, not PS1. Remember that the dreamcast was murdered by the PS2. Fact is, the PS1 brought such a huge variety of gaming experiences it created a lot of fans. Those fans have been fairly loyal.

Death1912d ago

It's complete rubbish to say timing is what gave Microsoft the sales it had. The PS3 was going to ship the same year but was pushed back due to issues with Blu-ray diodes. The 100+ million PS2 owners were well aware of the PS3 when the Xbox 360 launched. Your scenario has the PS3 surprising everyone when it hit shelves. Not only did the Xbox 360 have an army of PS2 owners to deal with, but the RROD fiasco was in full force during year one. It was about as uphill a battle as you could face while we waited for the PS3 to launch.

stuna11912d ago


So you really think the Xbox 360 would have had the market shares and console sales if Nintendo and Sony had released at the same time!? That's just wishful thinking! Many of Sony loyalist as well as Nintendo loyalist went with the Xbox 360 because there was no other next generation console to choose from at the time.

Many die-hard gamers just wanted to experience the taste of next gen, considering a wait of 12 to 16 month while at the same time hearing about next gen graphics and gameplay as well as being able to connect with other gamers worldwide. You really can't be that naive!? At that point it wouldn't have made a difference which console released first, people were ready to move on.

And is exactly why a extremely large amount of gamers also ended up purchasing all three console before the close of the generation.

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nicksetzer11913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I still find it weird that 2 unstarted games, one timed-exclusive re-release and one that is a user-funded kickstarter also on PC won the show for Sony in many's eyes. Games that probably won't even be out until 2017 or 2018. At least if they were close to launching it would make more sense. But that is the essence of opinions, not everyone has to have the same one.

For me the best game of the show was Horizon by far, very excited for that game. As a whole though, MS won IMO. Going by the presentations alone they showed AT E3 (since this is a poll questioning who had the better E3, not better lineup)

For this year:
Halo 5, forza 6, gears remaster, rare replay, fable legends, tomb raider, a bunch of indies and multiplats. Along with backwards compatibility (for free) and a new controller)

For early next year:
recore and sea of thieves. (Maybe)

Sony showed for this year:
multiplats and indies

Next year:
horizon, (maybe) the last guardian (maybe) uncharted, dreams, sfv and indies. Also they sorta showed morpheus.

2 or more years from now:
ffvii (timed) and shenmue 3 (kickstarter).

Plus MS still has some of their biggest titles like Quantum break, Scalebound, crackdown, inside and below to show at gamescom still. For me it was a definite win for MS, but I prefer to see the games coming out anytime soon usually.

feelforlove1913d ago

so FF VII Remake is timed - exclusive so it doesn't count, but you count Tomb Raider as Xbox One exclusive?

Why are you counting Gears Ultimate but no Uncharted Collection?

Why are you counting free-to-play Fable, but no Tearaway or Persona 5?

nicksetzer11913d ago

I didn't say it doesn't count, I listed it just the same as tomb raider. That said tomb raider is not a rerelease of a game and isn't 2-3 years away.

Uncharted collection wasn't in the conference.

Tearaway and persona 5 also not in the conference.

This video, if you watched compared the conferences and what was shown. It might help if you watched it.

Sony focused way too much on things years away in their conference IMO, not saying you or anyone else has to agree. You however are comparing something completely unrelated to this video, it asked who had the better conference, not who has the better lineuo.

It is an E3 rating only...

Ravenheartzero1913d ago


We have known about halo 5 over 2 years now, does that get a free pass? Guess you'll be giving quantum break, scalebound and crackdown a free pass too considering we still have no release dates and have known about them for over a year.

Sony announced what gamers have been asking for a very long time, it doesn't matter if they will be multiplat or years away, it was the shock factor. They brought a lot of attention to their conference. There's now a 7 hour video of just reactions to FF7 remake announcement. Uncharted 4 blew people away which will be releasing just a few months after the holidays.

People's own opinion will decide who they think won E3, but on the net it's leaning towards Sony. And you forgot cuphead, which was arguably the best thing ms showed.

nicksetzer11912d ago

@raven "We have known about halo 5 over 2 years now, does that get a free pass?"

Umm so? We knew about unchartex for over 2 years now and the last guardian for 7 or 8? Are you suggesting those somehow don't count either?

Also, I didn't forget cuphead, I just listed it under indies, along with no man's sky, not saying they don't count or aren't important.

You honestly make no sense, and your comment has no relevence to mine at all. I don't even get what you are trying to prove.

Automatic791913d ago


Nothing to stress about. I didn't vote just like many of my Xbox friends ultimately IGN voting is great but it never tells the full blown story as the results come from those who hang out at IGN. They all had great shows. I can't wait to play Rare Replay and gears of war in August.

By the way any word on when Xbox One is going to kick off the summer spotlight similar to summer of arcade program.

Julion07151913d ago

I agree with you. Sony could release a pile of Sh1t and PPl will still eat it up because sony has the upper hand in sales that's jus how it goes on N4G

Nick_The_Slick1913d ago

The people love playing sales, I guess.

gosukyomomma1913d ago

Nope it was MS that released continous piles of sh1t that made me decide to get a ps3 last gen, this gen i still have both but up until now ms games have been mediocre pieces of sh1t. the diversity of games what you people call piles of shit is why sony has the upper hands in sales - nothing to do with N4G

joeorc1913d ago

Is that why the playstation Vita is selling Soooooo well,right?

Complete Irony of your statement @ its finest.

URtheWalrus1912d ago

Also dont forget about the preview program. To me this is big, because now i get to play some of the PC games ive been wanting to play.

iceman061912d ago

Okay....once again I'll bite. MS showed many great games. There's no denying that. But, how many of those games were unexpected? People who purchased an Xbox One did so with the idea that they would get Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza. This is the CORE of the Xbox catalog. We had seen Fable before. We had seen Halo before. Forza, while it looks great, is simply an upgraded racing game. (no disrespect, but no surprise whatsoever) We had seen Tomb Raider before. The best thing that they had going was the surprise of BC, which is a great addition to the console for sure. I would have been more surprised with seeing Crackdown or Scalebound. (which were probably saved for a later conference)
Now Sony, on the other hand, brought mostly new stuff (aside from 3rd party reveals). The 2 titles that you casually dismiss because they are years off just happen to be 2 of the most wanted titles on the internet. People have been clamoring for these games for the better part of a decade! Regardless of how you feel, the gaming community as a whole is just happy that there is a decided commitment to them coming out. The Last Guardian has been in development hell for more than 6 years. Although everybody speculated that we would see it, they had also said the same thing for the last 2 E3's. So, it was a surprise. Horizon, a NEW IP, not only surprised but damn near stole the show. Dreams, another NEW IP, was teased and there is truly NOTHING like it on consoles. (like it or not) Plus, MM has a pedigree with being one of the most imaginative and creative devs in the industry.
I'm not here to downplay what MS did. They had a GREAT showing at E3. It's exciting to see what they have coming for this holiday. BC has given a more conventional option to the Xbox brand than at least Sony. That's a big deal when fighting the bullet point war of comparisons.
However, E3 is really about causing a stir...getting the attention from the press...and exciting the gaming community as well as the loyal fanbase.
Bringing 2 decade old franchises adding a new IP that went toe to toe in awards voting with Fallout 4. That's undeniably HUGE. Simply put (IMO), MS used E3 as a reason to own or purchase an Xbox One THIS year. While Sony insured that while a purchase this year is good and there is definite momentum, you ain't seen nothing yet. It's a different approach for each company.

Julion07151912d ago

I understand what u are saying idc who won I jus want games

nicksetzer11912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Lol what? So you win simply based on of people already knew about content or not? I thought E3 was to showcase upcoming games, many of which showed forst gameplay for MP and/or SP. I really don't understand since when it all had to be some suprise party. I thought bethesda's show was amazing and we knew about fallout 4 and doom before the show...

Sounds like the absolute laziest reason to pick who won.what you show doesn't have to be near release or even started, just has to be a surprise...

Also, you knew about recore, sea of thieves, back compat, new controller and rare replay?

trouble_bubble1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Your -this year- lists for MS are all stuff we knew about last year. Why even have a conference for that, just release the next trailer?

New overpriced controller isn't a coup. It's scraping the bottom of the barrel. Betas are a dime a dozen, blacktusk's gears is no exception.

Sony wisely left this years releases to booths outside of the main conference. Until Dawn, tearaway, the media player launch etc all had seperate 411s. The conference showcased NEW announcements. Therein lies the excitement.

Don't care if I miss Forza this year. They'll have a new one at next years conference anyways. We all know Halo 6 is coming, so Halo 5 is already dated before it's released.

iceman061912d ago

The point that I was making is that many of the bigger games that MS showed had already been SEEN! Not just that they were known.
E3 IS a showcase and it's used to drum up excitement. As I explained, each of the companies chose to do that in different ways. However, you can't deny the fact that the surprise factor plays a HUGE role in how well an E3 is perceived. It's just a fact that new IP are exciting. Just think back to when TitanFall was revealed. That drummed up so much excitement for MS it was all that was talked about for about a month. That's not to say that seeing another part of a game or a new level can't be exciting. But, I can almost guarantee that it can't eclipse the excitement of seeing the game for the very first time.
In the end, it wasn't JUST the surprise factor. It was that it was SO unexpected. 2 franchises from a decade ago, a supposedly "vaporware" title, and 2 new IP. That's hard to top.
I respect your opinion and the lengths that you will go to in order to defend it. However, I simply disagree with it. I don't think I can make my point any clearer than I have in my 2 posts. So, I'll just say...peace and game on.

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StrayaKNT1913d ago

This guy nails it

Microsoft had the better conference and games all of which are coming this year and early next year. If I wanted to watch e3 to see what's coming in two or three years then I probably wouldn't have watched e3. Sony has one AAA exclusive and Microsoft had two AAA exclusive and bc so it's a no brainer really.

Majin-vegeta1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Lol I.would have taken you more serious if you hadn't used a video by a well known Xbox fanboy.

Well it seems the top 3 games that people are talking about from E3 are Horizon,Shenmue 3 and FF7 remake.That alone shows a great deal of what peoplease were impressed by.

StrayaKNT1913d ago

Don't know anyone talking about those games but sony fans and not just normal sony fans but 30-40 year old men who want to play final fantasy lol id rather sea of thieves over all three of those games anyday of the week and I really don't understand what 'talk' does for you. People spoke about the order and yeah look at how that game turned out.

P_Bomb1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"Not just normal fans but 30-40 year old men..."

Drawing lines in the sand according to age now? So I guess you're implying the Xbox conference was more geared towards the "normal" lol 15 year old demographic or something? That's not really helping your cause.

OldDude1913d ago


You wouldn't have taken him seriously no matter what. The moment he complimented MS you shut off. You didn't get all those bubbles by being unbiased, we all know how N4G works.

Majin-vegeta1913d ago

@old dude.

*You didn't get all those bubbles by being unbiased, we all know how N4G works.

You're right I didn't....The mods gave them to me just like everyone else got bubbles for when N4G kept going down.You sound a bit salty.

Looks like gamers have spoken.