Must Have Video Games of 2015 – What Everyone Will Be Playing

Video games of 2015 is something to talk about. After a couple of slow gaming years, games worth playing are finally coming out. We had console releases still the spotlight for so long that now video games of 2015 are out and ready to shine.

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TheSuperior 1203d ago

Fallout 4 looks pretty good, maybe too overwhelming for a new comer like myself but Ill give it a try because of the way Bethesda went out announcing it. They announced a quality looking game and said it was releasing this year, nothing but respect for that.
As far as anything Ubisoft, they can take a hike in my book. No Rainbow 6, The Division, Assassins Creed or anything else; I'm sick of their antics.
Xbox is killing it with exclusives this year PS is keeping up. Overall I think we have a great gaming Q4 ahead.