The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sold 1.7M Units in its First Week Worldwide

VGChartz's William D'Angelo: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sold 1,738,388 units in its first week worldwide at retail (week ending May 23), according to the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart.

The PlayStation 4 version sold 1,138,099 units, while the Xbox One version sold 390,037 units. The retail PC version sold 210,252 units."

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SaveFerris1200d ago

Congrats to CD Projekt Red.

joab7771199d ago

I hope in the end ot above 5 million. This is one of the best overall games ever made. Every rpg dev needs to play this game and model their questing after it. I havnt finished, but I'm still in awe at every new quest, where it takes you etc. And the choices are unparalleled.

I'm nitpicking, but the only thing that I wish got a bit more love are the contracts. That are very good, yes, but I would have loved a bit more even a Witcher couldn't beat some of these things without preparing, maybe include tracking down certain oils, potion or decoctions, learning their weaknesses. Some of this is included, but even on DM, you can take these things down quite easily.

Otherwise, bravo. And an inventory fix incoming...hell yeah! CDPR'S post game support has been unbelievable. Thank you!

Grap1199d ago

not counting the Steam And GOG sales (combined i think 1.5M). impressive CD Projekt Red.

04STIBluByU1199d ago

Hot Dog...MS fans really do love shooters the most! Those numbers are almost 3-to-1.

FoxyGotGame1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Sold very well on PS4 with 1,138,099 units! Obviously a much larger PS4 install base is the over riding factor. I expected the X1 version to have sold more than 390,037 units since MS had the marketing deal, but still respectable.

PC not too far behind with 210,252 units. These figures are retail only, and do not include digital sales. Awesome numbers for CDPR. Well deserved!

joab7771199d ago

They deserve it b/c they chose to go next gen only very early on, not willing to compromise their vision or their PC version, even of it meant more money.

I for one will pay for its expansions b/c I trust them, and more witcher is a great thing. They've done dlc just right for the most part.

xTheMercenary_1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

There was an article about the witcher 3 selling 4 million in 2 weeks, 1.5 million sold on pc but no numbers provided for the consoles. Judging by these numbers its safe to say out of the other 2.5 million the ps4 would be 1.9-2 million and the xbox would be maybe 5-6 hundred thousand.

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