Music Games Are Making A Comeback: Here Are Reasons Why That’s Good

Andrew Gonzalez from Xbox Enthusiast writes: "All of a sudden, the music genre died. The games were no longer selling well and the fanbase fizzled. Yearly titles from the two series seemed to cause exhaustion among consumers and quickly these games stopped being released...The latest gaming fad had come and gone and this is why the sudden revival of the genre is surprising."

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ironcrow23861290d ago

now all they have to do is add a decent track list and il be happy bunny :)

AGVulture891289d ago

Harmonix is actually taking requests for DLC songs as well. It might be good to look into just in case the songs you want don't make the cut on the disk.

ironcrow23861289d ago

I think just become my new best friend :) i shall do that right now