SEGA Has Plans to Celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary Next Year

It looks like SEGA has stuff in the works for the 25th anniversary of the blue blur.

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Snookies121227d ago

Another Generations maybe? Please...? Either that, or remaking Sonic 1-3.

-Foxtrot1226d ago

Hopefully....EXCEPT without the modern Sonic levels.

Oh and the silly story featuring all our "friends".

Just have another typical Sonic needs to stop Robotnik from taking over story like the old games.

Lets not forget the collectors edition aswell, something like

rainzor1226d ago

And Next gen and PC only. Make a new Sonic Engine or improve.

-Foxtrot1226d ago


People actually like the modern Sonic levels over the classic ones.

Good god no wonder Sonic is almost dead ¬¬

ryuuzakibjorn1226d ago

...I prefer the modern ones vs the classic ones. Let's face it - Classic sonic in generations doesn't play nearly as tight at the genesis sonic actually did; It felt more like modern sonic minus the speed.

I guess this is the problem they have; They have split up their fan base and generations was a good way to please everyone - But something that wouldn't make logical sense to repeat (Without feeling like a Sonic Generations re-release)

I, for one, REALLY hope they sit down and throw everything out that they have on Sonic at the moment, game-play wise. I hope they then sit down, strip him to the core and work with it: Platforming and controllable speed.

I hope then they settle on a camera / gameplay style to use (3D or 2D) as opposed to a Frankenstein mash-up of both.

I get the feeling that at the moment, They are lost in direction - And need something to really get what Sonic is today focused.

Even if they had to release two separate games, One with 2D gameplay and one with 3D (Think Pokemon Red / Blue but one is 3D and one is 2D) or something, I think things might turn out a lot better - That way customers can vote with their wallet about what they actually want.

Of course, Changing sonic would bring the people with the loud voices out of the woodwork (This isn't sonic .etc!) but as we all know, Most of the times, the people who shout the loudest don't necessarily shout the general consensus.

Re-imagining sonic (And no, I don't mean Sonic boom, I mean an actual stripping down of Sonic to the core concepts) would cause fan backlash but it will set Sonic on a stronger course to hopefully become super-popular again.

I think Sonic Team should try new things, But by new things - I don't mean Sonic Boom. I get that it's geared towards the younger audience but man... It just wasn't good. It's like they stripped sonic to it's core and then discarded the actual core.

Imagine a game based on speed... But controllable speed. With great environments, solid controls, fun gameplay and nothing that breaks the flow of gameplay. Just get from point A - B - No story bullshit - Just get from point A to B.

/Rant over

eddieistheillest1226d ago

Im not sure why you received any disagrees. I fkn LOVE Sonic, but the newer Sonics are terrible and the classic Sonics are the best .

SegaGamer1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Well i personally love modern Sonic. Sonic Adventure 1,2, Heroes, Colours and Generations and the Day time levels of Unleashed. And even though it had many glitches, i liked Sonic 2006. I didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as people made it out to be. I also enjoyed Sonic Lost World.

I actually think the games on the DS that have tried to copy the older style of Sonic are the Sonic games that aren't that great.

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ZaWarudo1227d ago

Please do Sonic Adventure 3.

Sega pls

Travis37081226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

That was Sonic O6, it just didn't have the chao garden..

Travis37081226d ago

I figured I would get downvoted, but it's the truth..

So get over it..

rainzor1226d ago

Sonic Adventure 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC only!

ryuuzakibjorn1226d ago

Sonic goes turbo and starts game jumping? TURBO-TASTIC!

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