Is Nate and Elena The Worst Couple in Gaming?

Throughout the Uncharted trilogy, we see how Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s relationship grows throughout the adventure, but at every beginning of the next installment it seems the two of them are always at odds. Are they really meant for one another, or is the duo due for a divorce?

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Thatguy-3101200d ago

They should have just left it as flirty friends. The chemistry was a lot more fun see it play out.

crxss1199d ago

Drake and Elena forever. Uncharted 3's story was the worst so I tend to ignore that one. But im calling Elena and Drake have a kid in the 4th so I'm sure they'll patch things up real nicely.

alti1199d ago

they better not have a kid. I'm not playing as nathan jr. ever. NOR natalie jr. Capische?

Army_of_Darkness1199d ago

All I can say is that I think those two have the best chit-chat during gameplay combat sequences lol! Always entertaining to hear them banter back and forth while getting shot at.

BitbyDeath1199d ago

Nothing like having a kid to fix a bad relationship.

ravinash1199d ago

The different games occur over a period of years, so it would seem a bit weird if their relationship didn't change over that period.

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just_looken1199d ago

Exactly dboy shadebase had a excellent idea for uncharted 4:

I mean really ND i thought for sure ellie was going to get knocked up at the end start making immune kids but nope.

Now this in uncharted man i will still play uc4 but i agree they should have kepy it flirty friends.

Sunny_D1199d ago

Bro, if you are going to post a link. ATLEAST tell people it's NSFW.

just_looken1198d ago

Opps sorry to all those affected.

ValKilmer1200d ago

As attractive and charming Elena is (and boy is she attractive), I just don't know if Nate can settle down with anybody. It's sort of like Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood; they love each other, but he just can't have a stable relationship in his life.

BitbyDeath1199d ago

Chloe would be more compatible with him imo. Always preferred their chemistry over Elena.

SonyStyled1199d ago

have you seen her at the end of the extended e3 footage? since uncharted 1 i totally would. shes a dime

nucky641200d ago

i honestly don't care. i want to play the game. for me, the uncharted games are about more than elena and nate as a couple.
they could have killed her off in #1 and it wouldn't have mattered.

BlakHavoc1200d ago

I think the emotion and conflict in their relationship will be a major focal point in the story. I don't think they'll survive tho, either one of them dies or the fast paced action of drakes life will drive them apart.

P_Bomb1200d ago

"Is the duo due for a divorce?" They already broke up by the time Uncharted 3 rolled around. Elena still had her wedding ring but Drake didn't. Sully told him and he was like "ya ya I saw that".

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The story is too old to be commented.