Star Wars Battlefront 4K PC screens show multiplayer on Hoth

"You’ve seen Tatooine in 4K, now it’s Hoth’s turn to shine."

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Braid1198d ago

I still think the sandy planet map looks a lot better, might be due to the top notch lighting that demonstration had. Hoth maps remind me of the Battlefield 4 DLC that included snow maps.

Neixus1198d ago

Yeah, snow doesn't contain as much detail as rock, so easier to make tatooine look better.

However, if you close up on the snow, you can actually see the snowflakes shimmering light like in real life, too bad it ain't shown on those pictures.

Rimeskeem1198d ago

I personally like the more planty side of levels if that makes sense. Trees, bushes and grass is my favorite way to go.

Braid1198d ago

Yeah, seeing it up close on the screen would definitely be better than watching videos so I'll make my final judgement when I play it. Jungle maps do look stellar too, I'm excited to see what the next-gen Frostbite engine could deliver. After seeing NFS, Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge it surely looks promising.

starchild1198d ago

Endor will look the best, followed by Tatooine, and last Hoth. (Out of those shown so far.) This is an amazing looking game and the alpha seemed to run really well.

andibandit1198d ago

Hmm...reminds me of Operation Locker from BF4

rainzor1198d ago

I'm fine with my 1080p 60 delicious frames per second in my ps4, with my 50 inch Sony HD TV and my home theater surround sound

starchild1198d ago

I'm sure you'll enjoy the PS4 version just fine. But just so you know, I have my PC hooked up to a home theater surround sound system and a 120" front projector screen. You can hook a PC to any TV or other display device that you can hook a console to.

Also, the PS4 version currently isn't really running at 60fps. It's running at more like 40 to 50fps with drops into the 30s. Hopefully that will improve by the time the game releases, though.

1198d ago
Letros1198d ago

The shit was already there, he just pointed it out.

WizzroSupreme1198d ago

Wow, now this is Star Wars Battlefront.

Knightdd1198d ago

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