Where should Metal Gear Solid go next?

Ever since Konami got rid of Kojima many have wondered what would become of Metal Gear Solid. Will we see another Konami developed MGS? Will they sell the IP? It's well known that Konami wants to focus on other endeavors, but what could become of Metal Gear Solid now? Here are just some ideas where a future Metal Gear Solid could happen.

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Yi-Long1204d ago

I assume now that Kojima is gone, Konami will cash in on his legacy by HD-remasters/remakes of his older games, so I expect a Metal Gear Solid 1 HD Remake/Remaster being announced to be in development within a year orso..

-Foxtrot1204d ago

Do a remake of the first game, change a few things here and there and start a new timeline as a re-telling. So for example in MGS2 we find out Raiden was killed as a child soldier, without him being alive we'll have to play as Snake making the game very different without Raidens involvement.

Maybe in the end Soldius Snake gets away and you kill Ocelot instead, making future games very different.

In this timeline they might find a way to stop Snakes ageing process.

In the end if this happens Kojimas timeline (his games) are left untouched and won't be ruined.

2pacalypsenow1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Nothing ,a Metal gear without Kojima is not a metal gear we all know how crappy the Nes ports and rising were