Retro Review: 'Tenchu: Stealth Assassins' sneaks into your heart

A look back at a PlayStation classic

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Relientk771201d ago

We need a new Tenchu game

Godmars2901200d ago

If we get one it'll have multiplayer.

robtion1200d ago

I have been saying this forever. Why don't they listen?

skydragoonity1200d ago

At this point I'll make do with a remake/remastered.. I just want to play a tenchu game

Der_Kommandant1200d ago

I need a new Tenchu game in my life

stavrami1200d ago

Tenchu and vita the perfect match

robtion1200d ago

There is a Tenchu game on the vita. It is called Shinobido 2 and is Tenchu in every way except name. It is even made by Acquire who made the original Tenchu.

stavrami1199d ago

completed and platinumed need another :-)

mafiahajeri1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Omg tenchu was so epic, such a good game. Rikimaru was such a cool char. They don't make em like they use too though...

I remember the way you ran, fast short steps, lol, good times!!

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