No Man's Sky: 18 Minutes of Uninterrupted Gameplay - IGN first

"Hello Games founder Sean Murray gives us a guided tour of one planet in No Man's Sky's universe as our month-long IGN First coverage kicks off."

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nX1289d ago

Waiting for a Youtube upload, I'm not even going to bother with IGN's abomination.

Timesplitter141289d ago

Personally I think there are more important things in life than leading a crusade against a video player

MasterCornholio1289d ago

That video player must die.

Grab your pitchforks and torches and let's go destroy the monster.

nX1289d ago

I don't disagree with you but people were complaining about the IGN video player for at least 5 years and they still haven't managed to make it acceptable.

Speaking on topic, the exploration and sense of discovery in this game is simply amazing. Can't wait to name my own planets and be an evil space pirate :)

inveni01289d ago

The only thing that worries me about this game is substance. Yes, there is more exploration than we could ever ask for, but is there enough substance to the game as a whole in order to keep our attention after the first couple dozen planets we visit? In other words, why will I play after I feel I've "seen it all"? This is one of my most anticipated games, second only to Uncharted 4 because I really can't think of anything else that brings us something so new and unlike anything else we've played. (Oooh, Horizon. Forgot about that one. So this one is third.)

pedrof931289d ago

You made my day :D Bubs up !

pedrof931289d ago

Omg this game blew MY MIND !

ABizzel11288d ago

No Man's Sky looks like a truly special game, and seems to be the indie game of the year, and a possible contender. It's amazing what this small studio has come up with off the back of Joe Danger. All kinds of respect to the guys and gals at Hello Game. No Man's Sky = The Journey of this gen.

On a side note, seeing all the animals running around makes me long for what a Pokemon MMO or Pokemon Snap could be. -_-

SilentNegotiator1288d ago

"Crusade"? All he said is that he couldn't be bothered to use IGN's terrible video player.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Yeah their player is horrible compared to YouTube's player but I don't see them ever changing it.

*off topic note

I randomly just got my bubbles back after n4g popped 4 of them a year ago lol :)

WeAreLegion1289d ago

Oh, GDI. I worked hard to get my 5 bubbles again. Now, everyone has them.

FreakOrama1289d ago

I personally think it's, in most aspects, better than Youtube's player. Mostly the same but insanely better quality in video bit-rate.

Ace Killa 081289d ago

just clicked play and it 1080p.....

mixelon1288d ago

lol same here, at 60fps too.

I wonder what it is that makes it work so badly on some people's setups?

3-4-51289d ago

* No Man's Sky is going to be that game I can come back to every day or whenever and still have something new to explore or see.

It's IMO a great "Rotation game", in that, if you mix this with 2-3 other games, it will most likely always stay fresh and fun.

If ALL you are doing is just playing this, well like with any game, you may hit that wall, especially if you had unrealistic expectations to begin with.

* To me this is a personal game...the type of game that I don't care about anybody else's experience, I are about mine with this game....I care if I'M enjoying the game, and it will be a game I play at my own relaxing enjoyable pace.

Enjoy it for what it is.

I have a feeling more old school gamers will enjoy this and the newer younger ones might be doing most of the complaining. just a hunch though.

medman1289d ago

I'm with you...I simply will enjoy the exploration aspect of the game, the rest is bonus. It's the thrill of discovery that makes this game the most interesting for me, never quite knowing what you might find next...and to be the first to ever see it, and name it? Awesome.

3-4-51289d ago

* I don't even have a PS4 yet but I've been thinking about just all the possibilities of life and what the landscape will look like on these planets.

The machines, the animals, the water, the landscape the pirates fighting it out above different planets.

* My favorite thing though ?

^ Can't wait to find "My Home Planet", and kind of keep going back there every once in a while and use it as my home base.

The thought of that alone makes me really want to play this.

garrettbobbyferguson1289d ago

"And still have something new to explore or see"

Boy, do I have bad news for you.

nX1289d ago

Thanks, I'm actually subscribed to their YouTube channel... I just stopped bothering with their main site :)

Ramser121289d ago

I can't even watch the full video about 5 minutes in the video stops working.
IGN you know you are doing something wrong when porn sites have better video players than you.

Irishguy951289d ago

"18 mins of uninterrupted gameplay"


Bathyj1289d ago

Cant believe you got a "Well said".

Totally off topic and hijacked the top half of the thread into being about IGN's player, not No Mans Sky.

llMurcielagoll1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Watching a video on IGN's player? BLASPHEMY!!!!! Thy shan't leave the path of light and step into the darkness.. Thus YouTube is Light, YouTube is Salvation!

... And the Copyright strikes hammer of justice destroying content creators and eating a big chunk of their monetization revenue :P

Aside from the jokes and the lame remarks,I think you are definitely missing out. I saw the 18 minutes gameplay video and loved it, it is an informative gampelay to an extent. I hope your wait does not last too long until IGN releases the footage on YouTube.

JoeMcCallister1288d ago

@bloodborn - I loved this video too - this game has quickly taken the "sit back and chill" kind of mantle and looks like a game that will be the one that keeps me going for a good long while much like Skyrim. Hop in, fly around, mine some stuff, make better ship, etc.

What worries me is in your comment and in the video - are there restrictions on or moderation of the names? I don't want to have to request entry to "YouMothersButt 1107-3" but the idea of naming planets is great and makes the game a bit more personal.

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Chuk51289d ago

Ign's video player is absolute trash (at least its a step above polygon's active grease fire). But man, I don't I have ever been more excited for a game. I think you'll know by now if this game is for you. If you constantly need goals and carrot sticks this game may not be for you; and that's fine. But if you love game worlds, oh man, I'm sweating.

Perjoss1289d ago

Apart from the mandatory commercial at the start it worked really well, really nice quality in full screen.

medman1289d ago

I see many comments about ign's video player being terrible, but I've never experienced any problems with it whatsoever so I'm wondering what is so bad about it??

yezz1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Same! Do you have a fast internet? I do and for me the IGN player feels very snappy and most of the time the 1080p quality seems to be better than what Youtube offers...

If we're really going to crucify one player, it should be the Gamespot one. It's a lot worse.

yarbie10001289d ago

I was hyped for this game. And then I watched gameplay

Rimeskeem1289d ago

and was even more hyped.

there finished your sentence

nucky641289d ago

agreed - but exploration and discovery seem to be the central theme of the game.
hey, I could have went on for a couple of paragraphs about the game - it's going to have it's own's own periodic table!! being able to earn "cash" through discoveries to buy new ships and equipment. being able to decide whether to be a good explorer or go around killing everything....dang this game is going to be loaded!! i can't wait!

vongruetz1289d ago

This is the game I've been waiting for. Years ago I lost so much time playing Starflight and this seems like a similar game but on a much grander scale. I can not wait to play this one.

nucky641289d ago

you must not like exploration. there is more to gaming than killing and explosions.

I'm super-stoked to get this game. i'll be playing it for a long time.

Rimeskeem1289d ago

The funny thing is this game has killing and explosions

Dee_911289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

and then you saw the light bar on the controller
immediate turnoff eh?

Rookie_Monster1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I get that exploring the universe is something that could be fun but then show me something that represents that. Every demo we see is the same old exploration show with no context to what that does for you in the game.

Hopefully modding on PC will be big. I could imagine people building star wars and Marvel universe galaxy that we can explore. Still have my doubt though until I see more substance to the gameplay but pretty much am still excited for the PC release of this game as a space exploring game of this size and magnitude is what I have always wanted.

Rimeskeem1289d ago

Did you even watch the video?

It explains exactly what you just asked in your comment.

Rookie_Monster1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )


I did watch the video and is is still not telling us much. It is cool though, maybe you are mistaken my wording of what I actually Meant but I did say I am open minded and will keep an eye on it and will get it on PC on release day if it has great reviews. I love games but I always do my research before blindly buying them .

boing11288d ago

I don't think modding will be possible if everything is generated procedurally.

ps4fanboy1289d ago

Was , wasn't..
Personally I am again!

Sora_19941289d ago

How were you ever hyped then? Considering the very first trailer was gameplay!?

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Meltic1289d ago

I understand that this game is very big but dont you guys Think that popping is annoying ? every detail and bushes,creatures is popping out. looks uggly but Beautiful game

Skate-AK1289d ago

Just a side affect of doing procedural generation on such a large scale.

Anderson81288d ago

yea its the world generating rather than conventional pop in.. seems like its less frequent than the first few trailers so maybe it will improve further before launch

Psychotica1289d ago

So when is the game coming out?