Xbox One to Natively Support Oculus Rift?

According to statements from a VR developer, Xbox One will work directly with Oculus Rift. This is not the same as the virtual game room that has been announced so far.

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StrayaKNT2136d ago

We all knew this was going to happen and it's good news for xbox owners. I'm more interested in ar though.

t-hall7852136d ago

Likewise. AR looks to be the far more advancing tech. That and the fact that i'm not completely closed off from the outside world. Will give both a try if the price is right though.

deadpoolio3162136d ago

You mean AR the thing LITERALLY EVERYONE has already been doing for years at this point...Nintendo has been doing it with the 3DS, Sony has been doing it since PS2....

I don't think you quite get what AR is, it doesn't put you in an immersive world, the only difference is MS is doing it with probably highly overpriced glasses

DougLord2136d ago

Deadpool clearly doesnt understand AR.

DemonChicken2136d ago

@ DougLord
Regards to PS2 it existed

Nintendo I believe is self explantory

t-hall7852135d ago

@deadpoolio I know exactly what AR is. It can put me on mars right here in my living room. I'm not trying to be "immersed". That's what VR is for. And please don't compare to 3ds and ps2. You've seen the tech demos. This is in a totally different ballpark.

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Gazondaily2136d ago

Is the X1 even able to do VR properly is the question I would ask. I don't think it is

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Zeref2136d ago

If a Samsung Android phone can do it. Xbox One can do it better.

OldDude2136d ago

Neither one of them are, neither can hit 1080p/60 regularly and both are underpowered.

mhunterjr2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Sure it can. There are cellphones that are doing VR. the question is: at what level of visual fidelity would it operate... If the graphics are toned down, there's no reason the xb1 couldn't produce an image at the desired frame rate and resolution...

SteamPowered2136d ago

Every VR dev I have followed has said "Prepare for 90fps minimum". They say that when talking about building games, buying hardware, etc. If you cant pump out 90fps consistently, you are going to get motion sickness and other problems.

I have no idea how PS4 is able to achieve this, but I am even more skeptical X1 will even make it to native VR.
To run the rift on PC you need an i5 and GTX 970 just for recommended specs. Those are some upper-tier hardware.
I have a feeling you will still need to be tethered to a Win10 PC to play anything X1 can offer in VR.

DougLord2136d ago

No - neither is a PS4. Neither is a PC with Titan X in SLI. You need closer to 50Tflops then 15tflops.

miyamoto2136d ago

Come on, peeps.

We knew already since the Facebook acquisition of Oculus that it's going to be tailor made for the Xbox One as MS has a huge stake at Facebook.

That is a very obvious and predictable move by Microsoft.

jb2272135d ago

It certainly doesn't meet the Oculus required system specs available, but maybe they have a workaround.

Either way, Phil has gone on record saying that he doesn't see much potential in VR at this point, that its future tech while AR is present tech. Not sure I agree w/ that sentiment personally & at this point I still haven't seen a compelling gaming application for HoloLens that isn't "Play Minecraft on your Coffee Table!" or one that doesn't require an enormous themed room & an optometrist's device to calibrate like the Halo 5 HoloLens demo. I hear many people talking like its the second coming but talk is just that, until they show us something that can be achieved in a normal living room w/in a decently modest consumer budget, AR is the "future tech" & VR is the experience that is here & the one that has been available and properly utilized for quite awhile now.

LCEvans2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )


Thats just your assumption, leave it to the engineers actually working with Xbox and Oculus to decide.

All people can do is speculate and assume that it cant do it, if your going from that basis then I assume that all current gen consoles cant do VR properly because none are powerful enough

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christocolus2135d ago


I'm sure this is something MS and oculus are still working on.

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_LarZen_2136d ago

"Xbox One to Natively Support Oculus Rift?"

Short answer is no.

PistolsAtDawn2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Short answer is how would you know? Esp based on all the comments around it seeming to be that it WILL support native Vr. Why would it be easy to believe that PS4 will support it but X1 won't? the power difference isn't actually that much...and they've openly said that MS, Valve, Occulus are working together to make the Windows 10 platform (which X1 is part of) and DX12 the definitive form of VR. They've also said that Xbox will work hand in hand with developers to make VR experiences (and they've been very clear about distinguishing streaming and VR). Even more...check out Project Iridies....not only would it allow X1 to run VR...but it would do so with little to no burden on the X1....allowing the systems to stay free to do it's own things.

...sounds like you purposely haven't researched this at all, and just WANT to say no

P.S. Also, don't forget that all the games they showed doing the streaming affect we games not built with VR in mind at all anyway...

ShadowWolf7122136d ago

Do you even know how Morpheus is able to work the way it does on a console?

SteamPowered2136d ago

The Morpheus was designed from the ground up to work with PS4.
X1 is trying to ride Oculus' coattails to VR. The PC specs to run the Rift natively are pretty steep. I cant see how the X1 will do the same.

I think the streaming option is more viable than direct Oculus support on the X1.

Devs and such will get better and the requirements will come down as they all learn new tricks so VR may be an option down the road, but I cant see it for the near future.

Antwan3k2136d ago

Project Morpheus was designed with the PS4 in mind..

And Oculus Rift is designed with Windows 10 and DirectX 12 in mind...

The Xbox One was also designed with Windows 10 and DirectX 12 in mind and will be updated with those when they are released..

Microsoft and Oculus have a partnership..

The engineering teams at Microsoft and Oculus are smart bunch of people and they are obviously working together on things behind the scenes..

Not only is native support for Oculus Rift on the Xbox One possible, it wouldn't even be surprising at this point..

_LarZen_2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Good morning fellow gamers!

So not surprisingly I am getting a little heat from my short answer. And I get that...VR is cool and you guys/gals want it on XBO. And the XBO most definitely will in the end get a VR headset.

But it's not the Oculus Rift.

And let me explain why.

The Oculus Rift is designed with PC hardware in mind. And the recommended specs are as follows:

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

As you can see if you have read up a little on the hardware in the XBO and it's PC equivalent. You see that there is a gap in performance here.

But what about Project Morpheus on PS4 you say?

Good question!

The Project Morpheus was designed from the ground up for the PS4. And even the PS4 is lacking in hardware for a good VR experience. So Sony have had to add hardware/software in the VR headset to boost the framerate. You can compare it to how a TV makes images look smoother in motion.

But back to the XBO... As it's now you need a PC running Windows 10 to use the Oculus Rift as a monitor. You will not be able to look around in a Virtual environment in your XBO games. You will however be able to look around a Virtual environment to look at a big screen that your game is running on.

In other words a virtual cinema. You can almost for sure remove the virtual room and get the full screen experience. Thus using the Oculus Rift as an monitor.

But what happens when the XBO get's Windows 10? Cant we just hook it up then? The console is still limited by the hardware. And since the Oculus Rift was made for PC hardware and do not have hardware/software to overcome the limited hardware as in the Project Morpheus. It wont be close to a pleasant VR experience.

But don't worry about it. If VR is becoming the booming success the industry hopes it will be. It wont be long before a VR headset makes it's way to the XBO. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft and Oculus partnered up to make a VR headset designed from the ground up for the XBO.

Hope the longer version was more to your liking :)

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MasterCornholio2136d ago

I don't believe it will in the short term.

MasterCornholio2136d ago


I never said it wouldn't. I'm just saying that don't expect it next year for the system.

Outthink_The_Room2136d ago

Hmmmm. I wonder if those with a Kinect will only need to buy a Rift HMD and not the entire setup.

The Kinect could be "somewhat" the equivalent of the IR Blaster that Rift has, so that might be an enticing pricepoint.

Maybe that's why MS keeps saying Kinect isn't dead. They've been trying to still talk about it, without being front and center. Could be a way to get more people on board with the Kinect sensor in a positive way.

Either way, it makes sense from a platform standpoint, especially with Windows 10 and DX12. But performance wise, it's an entirely different conversation on how they'd run it for the XB1.

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