The 11 Best Batman Games of All Time

This list was going to be "The 10:47 Best Batman games", but that isn't exactly a catchy title. Few would probably get the reference, anyway. But if you do get it, hurrah!

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DaReapa1197d ago

Wow. No games listed from the SNES/Genesis era. The Genesis Batman and SNES Batman Returns are among the best in the series.

MisfitsInc1197d ago

can someone post the list, i'm not clicking through all those pages

hades071197d ago

NES Batman
Lego Batman 2
Batman Begins
Arkham Origins
DC Universe Online
Batman Vengeance
Arkham City
Batman Forever
Arkham Origins Blackgate
Injustice: Gods among us
Arkham Asylum

That is the order they have them in as well. Don't ask me why as it definitely isnt an order of worse to best.

Horny1197d ago

Batman returns was awesome as well

MilkMan1197d ago

11? Theres only 4.
and I played all the B-man games. From those horrible isometric monochrome games to the beat-up games to the new ones. There are no 11 great games. LOL!

hades071197d ago

I would say there is more than 4. The four Arkham games are great (yes even Arkham Origins), NES Batman by Sunsoft was amazing, like a mix of Ninja Gaiden and Megaman at the time, and Adventures of Batman and Robin on the SNES (Much better than Sega's version).

chrisx1197d ago

Lol, 11 pages without even thumbnails. This site is a real joke