Why I Struggle to Finish Games

Gameskinny: "There are certain aspects of a game that make me lose the desire to finish its story."

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kayoss1253d ago

I struggle to finish games for one reason. I got married.

Arcee1252d ago

I got married and had three kids.

Khajiit861252d ago Show
Overwhelming1252d ago

That's not a real reason. You could keep playing the same game until the finish, instead of jumping to a new game.

3-4-51252d ago

* I find that about 80% of the time the developer's decide to throw in some mechanic or feature into the game at the last 1-3 hours, that otherwise was never in the game prior and that leads to unwanted frustration.

* I sometimes struggle with finishing games to and this is usually the reason.

Difficulty cure is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 right ?

For some reason dev's do this instead.

1,2,3,3,3,3,3,3,4,4,10 !

It's like " wait, what!? Why!!!?" <--- so many games do this and it ruins the flow.

I don't need an epic ending just keep the pace going.

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Software_Lover1252d ago

Life. Work. Wife. Kids. More sleep needed. More sleep wanted. Obligations.

Joel22111252d ago

Yeah same wife and 2 kids, work, playing with kids, exploring Japan.....BUT the thing is I keep buying new games.

Software_Lover1252d ago

BUT the thing is I keep buying new games.

That's the sad part 😒

mochachino1252d ago

I find if a game has too many side quests I burn out. Dragon Age Inquisition is a perfect example. For some reason I always feel the need to explore everything a game has to offer at first so I spend 40 hrs doing a bit of story and a lot of quests then I lose the urge to play the game because newer more exciting games come out.

However, sometimes I go back to these open world games and just power through the story.

KryptoniteTail1252d ago

My issue is patience and high standards. I need things to move at a brisk pace regardless of the genre, and it needs to be entertaining from the moment you begin until the end. It doesn't mean a game is bad if it isn't like this or isn't a 10/10 but it just isn't for me anymore then. I played anything as a kid and my tastes and patience have drastically changed now that I am 28. No longer will I grind in RPGs for hours. No longer will I forgive excessive loading, glitches, and control issues. I won't stand for unbalanced gameplay, repetition, or excessive difficulty.

The evolution of my preferences looks like this: As a kid I played all the hard, trial & error, repetitive games like Mega Man, but pretty much any game I could get my hands on. As a teenager I played any RPG and all the mainstream titles like DMC, Resident Evil, and such. As a young adult I was further refined to just the bedt RPGs, Fighting games, and whatever gpt high scores in my favorite genres. Now it is mostly Visual Novels, Street Fighter, and a select few RPGs and whatever is fun and ease like Nintendo stuff.

I can't stand to sit through the likes of Assassin's Creed and Infamous anymore. I'd have tore through those if I had them way back but now? They just cannot maintain my interest for long. Games feel like work now so unless it is easy, or the challenge comes from multiplayer that's balanced, or unless it is mostly story (most preferably with vouce acting, not down for reading much these days but unfortunately we are still in the voiceless dark ages in 2015) then it's not happening, not for long.

TL;DR: Gimme a good Visual Novel or easy RPG/Nintendo game for single player, or a simple but deep Fighting, TCG, or Board game for multiplayer these days at my age, keep your Watch Dogs and GTAs.

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