Steve Austin being on the cover of WWE 2K16 is a perfect example of the series’ problems

If the announcement of Steve Austin being on the cover of WWE 2K16 is any indicator, the series seems to be heading for yet another rough year. With developmental focus yet again split between the previous generation of consoles and the newest, I can see no reason to be optimistic that 2K can correct course and fix the glut of problems and errors held over from last year.

But they could have gone with plan B and showcased the future of the business and the next big thing instead of pleading with their own shadow, and that’s the bottom line.

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iSuperSaiyanGod1253d ago

they've lost all their talent . id rather have stone cold than kevin owens or neville . either way i won't be picking this up lol . sad because these games use to be fun lol

scark921253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I used to be mad into the games! They were fantastic, especially with friends, played many of the games and I am sad to see it going to waste!

I like seeing Steve Austin on there because I am not into the entertainment nowadays and he is the epitome of entertainment of WWE xD but even that cover looks like the previous games smh..

EeJLP-1253d ago

WWE is garbage. Wtf have they done with Kane?

They never should have taken off his mask. Kane could have been a recurring character with different people playing him. I guess they still could throw the mask on someone else, but still.. his current form is ridiculous.

I don't watch at all and haven't for over a decade. I just checked the roster due to this article and I see "Kane's Hawaii vacation photos". He wears a suit now?

As far as I've seen, wrestling ratings are like 1/4 or less than they were in the mid-late 90s. Very few of the current roster look like they would have lasted in that era. It's obvious why they would want Stone Cold on there or other mid-late 90s wrestlers, since that's where the bulk of the fanbase remembers as the good times, where wrestling peaked in name recognition, mic work, etc.

There's just no Hogan, Flair, Savage, Sting, Luger, Hart, Michaels, Nash, Hall, Giant, Harlem Heat, Goldberg, Stone Cold, Rock, Mankind, Undertaker, Kane, HHH, etc. these days (not counting the listed guys still active, but well past their prime). Every Monday & Thursday felt like a pay-per-view back then. The level of character presence and name recognition was insane.

curtis921253d ago

In-ring wise, there's more talent right now than at any given point in wrestling history. Talent is there in spades. The writing, on the other hand... not so much. There's a problem with structure in wrestling today. Too many rematches, oversaturation and the loss of serious competition to keep things on edge.

They don't HAVE to try anymore. But the few times a year they do... it's still amazing. But back in the attitude era, they were trying every week. Which is why it was so crazy fun.

iSuperSaiyanGod1253d ago

Wrong lol . Comparing these currents to the 2000s? Mankind , kurt angle , the undertaker , Eddie gurero , Rey mysterio , edge , Christian , the hardy boys , Dudley boys , the rock . I mean I could go on . If you going to compare star power these new dudes just don't have it . Besides roman reigns , they don't have a someone who's going to be able to take Cenas place once he retire .

curtis921253d ago

Yep. It's a millennial thing. We can't get over our own childhood and just keep living off nostalgia. Even NBA 2k16 is getting a Jordan cover. This will be the ultimate "back in my day" generation. And I'm already sick of it.

cogniveritas1253d ago

I still think past generations go harder about "back in out day, this was the real _______".

But for the modern generation it's just easy for the past to stick around since Youtube, Facebook, Memes & the internet won't let anything fade away quite as gracefully because it feels just like yesterday and is accessible to share just like it was yesterday.

curtis921253d ago

That's very true. But it's still stunting the growth of anything present and future because we can't stop living in the past.

Castle3331253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Because things back in the day were better, theres no way around it. Stick to lil wayne and angry birds you 15 year old estrogen filled hipster.

I also wish jordan was on every cover of every nba game ever made. He's the G.O.A.T, i rather have him than queen james or kevin durant or derrick rose. Hell my Spurs never get a cover for a game even after winning the title last year. But durant who lost 2 years in a row in the play offs gets to be on the cover for 2k15, really?

curtis921252d ago

Dude I was 14 when i watched Austin win the title for the first time at mania 14. I can accept -- faults and all-- the current product and still find enjoyment from it. It's closed-minded people like you that can't move on. If you think that makes me a 15 year old then I'm afraid based on your comments you're a rung away from 60, my friend. What's happening with NXT right now is special. Maybe you don't like it, but it's something kids nowadays will look back on in 15 years with high regards.

Castle3331252d ago

Couldnt careless about modern day wrestling. Its boring cheesy and predictable. NXT has good matches thoug, but Raw and Smackdown are a joke. Austin on the cover is done so people that grew up watching good wrestling get compelled to buy the game, thats it. Or you prefer Dolph zigglet on the cover? hahahahhaa.

TheDreamCorridor1253d ago

Screw the haters, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the man and is a good choice as the cover.

Austin is rumored for a comeback and it only makes sense.

NarooN1253d ago

Austin has said time & time again that he's not gonna make a "comeback". He said he might consider one more big match, but that's it.

2pacalypsenow1253d ago

Stone cold is the reason the wwe won the Monday night wars , he deserves it since he hasn't been on a cover since 1998s Wwf warzone

jackwei221253d ago

Stone Cold Merchandise sales and popularity, The Rock PPV buy rates and filling up arenas breaking records he holds until this very day and WWF even in the bad days had better PPVs than WCW.

Revengeance1253d ago

Don't forget WWF Attitude lol

jackwei221253d ago

I think he is referring to that this is the first time since WWF Warzone that Austin has been the only wrestler on the front cover case as in WWF Attitude you have other wrestlers in the background if you look closely.

Revengeance1252d ago

Yeah I know. But at the time he was still the face of the WWF

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