TLOU/UC4 Artist Draws Shenmue Print, Proceeds Go To Shenmue III

Lead concept artist for Sony’s The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, John Sweeney, turned out to be a Shenmue fan and have decided to help speed up the game’s Kickstarter, which have gathered 4.3 Million as of the time of writing, by drawing an official limited edition art based on the classic Shenmue game series.

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Mostafeto1253d ago

This is a great move by Sweeney and I think it will push the Kickstarter even further

yarbie10001253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

that stance looks kinda awkward

The article doesn't show a pic of it. But you can see it here

Mostafeto1253d ago

I linked to the page inside the article in this sentence exactly "His photos are found on Candb" Candb is a link to the pics

Spotie1253d ago

What's awkward about it?

What's with you taking EVERY opportunity to down any and every aspect of this game?

Fullmetalevolust1253d ago

Excellent to see other devs support it in creative ways, this game definitely marked up and coming developers and they want to show some of the love back.

Aloy-Boyfriend1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

''“I’m so excited that Shenmue 3 is finally happening! I wanted to capture the moment just after....''

This is how everyone that has backed this project feels right now. Meanwhile, we have some journos and internet people driven by paranoia, fanboyism, and jealously trying to ruin this joy.

Support this project people!

Mostafeto1253d ago

Totally agree buddy, Some people just want to watch the world burn and this project must continue and succeed since it has been the moment every Shenmue fan wants for years now

BlackTar1871253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

it's crazy the amount of concern trolls this game and FF7 and TLG have brought out. We see this concern troll from people who are well known other console fans and not just fans i mean fanatics .

It's unhealthy.

On topic:
That stance isn't akward at all it looks really how can i say this "Normal" and it's nice to see TLOU artist excited and trying to help out the project with some artwork for sale.

Lonnie181253d ago

I'm glad the game is recieving so much praise.

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