Summer of Arcade Replaced with Xbox Ultimate Game Sale

The Summer of Arcade sale lives on with the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale starting 7/7


Article updated to include info on Summer Spotlight

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Rookie_Monster1199d ago

I am going to stack up some cheap digital X360 games for the upcoming BC update this Fall.

BattleAxe1199d ago

I know, I started doing that right after Microsoft's E3 press conference lol.

Software_Lover1199d ago

If Microsoft (and the publishers) were smart, they would create an Xbox 360 store tile for the Xbox One and sell BC games there.

DevelopmentArrested1199d ago

That's an awesome idea. Hoping they do it.

MSBAUSTX1199d ago

Bubbles man. That is a stellar idea!

ChouDa1199d ago

I'm seriously debating whether or not it makes sense to just throw my Xbox 360 Slim on ebay now that i Have a Xbox One and it's BC.

MSBAUSTX1199d ago

I would wait until they publish a complete launch list closer to this fall. No sense in doing something and then a lot of the games you want to play arent on the list. Im sure most will be but I would wait personally.

BattleAxe1199d ago

Keep it for now so that you can continue to play you're 360 games, until most of your games are on the list.

ChronoJoe1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They said 100 games within the first year.

That's only 10% of the XBOX 360s library. I wouldn't ditch your XBOX 360 anytime soon.

While Microsoft claimed it was a simple process to make your games compatible, the fact that it requires approval will mean a lot of games never appear. As an example, games with HD remasters scheduled aren't very likely to appear as backwards compatible anytime soon, as it doesn't make sense financially.

Also, many devs who don't have digital versions available for their games and are no longer shipping their title have little to no incentive to approve the backward compatibility, because it doesn't net them any revenue, and in fact it may reduce it long term. For a lot of publishers I imagine it will not be a quick process at the very least, requiring a rather extensive evaluation before the decision is made to support the service, or not.

Long story short, since your 360 isn't worth much anyway, I would hold onto it for the time being.

ChouDa1196d ago

I guess I'll plug my Xbox 360 back in. Thanks, guys!

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mokkeyrg21199d ago

should post it on there feedback site and start voting guys!

Stryfeno21199d ago

Post this on the feedback site...great idea. Bubbles+

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Dlacy13g1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Actually this article is 100% wrong... it was announced that Summer of Arcade is turning into Summer Spotlight... the Ultimate Sale is separate from that promotion. Ultimate Sale is just a sale on previously released games, Summer Spotlight will focus on new titles. #factcheck

TheZeroReview1199d ago

Dlacy13g you are absolutely correct. We've gone ahead and updated the article to reflect the available information regarding Summer Spotlight. Thanks for linking that video over to us!

Dlacy13g1199d ago

its comical that I got a disagree.

JeffGUNZ1199d ago

Lol I know, right? Welcome to N4g.

callumjack1199d ago

Considering how much they charge for downloaded titles, even with these discounts they are steeper than buying a used copy, and then of course you can always trade or lend to a friend

LAWSON721199d ago

Not when you and a friend share libraries and buy everything half price

rashada071199d ago

I've been waiting to pick up Ori and the Blind Forest! Glad to see this one is going to be on sale!

JeffGUNZ1199d ago

You'll love it. One on my favorite platformers.