Batman: Arkham Knight is an absolutely terrible Batman game

Batman: Arkham Knight completely misunderstood what it needed to be and is a far worse game because of it.

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Genuine-User1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Worse than Batman Begins? Nah.

I would number the trilogy as follows:

1.Batman: Arkham City
2.Batman: Arkham Asylum
3.Batman: Arkham Knight

Sureshot1290d ago

No Origins? I don't blame you.
I'd put Asylum first though. That fanservice and subtle clues about characters in the environment. Gem of a game.

Genuine-User1290d ago

The first game was absolutely fantastic but City took everything that was great in the first and expanded on it.

curtis921290d ago

@sureshot, agreed: AA is first.
@Genuine-User, I disagree. I think AC took everything that was great about AA and just threw in tons of filler. That's how I see it. AA was everything that was amazing about AC, but with all the fat trimmed out.

Pintheshadows1290d ago

I think Asylum is the best as well. City was great but it lacked a sense of urgency in the story with all the side content.

'Quickly Batman, we need your help!'
Batman proceeds to try and solve a Riddler puzzle for 10 minutes.

inveni01290d ago

Yeah, City was bigger than it needed to be. Batman is such a fascinating and deep character. These games benefit from a more focused story and a stronger sense of directive.

ShinMaster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Arkham Origins got so much hate, even before people got to play it, just because it wasn't Rocksteady.

It had better storytelling than City's.

And it does count. Arkham Knight brings up the events of Origins quite often. It's canon.

The Arkham games are a Tetralogy (or Quadrilogy) whether you all like it or not.

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etownone1290d ago

I'd have to agree with you....

Never played Origins. Guess you haven't either

Genuine-User1290d ago

I have. It was ok for its time.

Genuine-User1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Disregard the above comment.
I thought you meant Batman Begins. I have played Origins, it was a good game.

Aloy-Boyfriend1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Arkham night isn't a terrible game, but I feel it makes Arkham City better than I thought. Arkham city in terms of story, villains, and side quest did much better than AK. Ak has the Superior gameplay, but it's the villains what makes Batman Batman, and Rocksteady mishandle them pretty bad in AK.

Hell even Origins did many things better, like Boss fights and detective stuff. AK also took ideas from it but couldn't it top Origins' awesome boss fight? I just can't believe how Rocksteady fu*** Deathtroke. Too much hype to see them fight again to end up as a frigging tank fight in which he was nowhere to be seen anyways.

Pintheshadows1290d ago

Origins did a really good job with detective mode and boss fights. I wish Rocksteady had taken a cue from the detective mode in Origins and fleshed it out more but it was barely beyond a couple of scenes.

deadpoolio3161290d ago

Except its NOT a trilogy, there are FOUR Arkham games in the series....

FACT the events in Origins are brought up quite a bit in Arkham Knight, Rocksteady themselves have said that its cannon to the series...

And on top of all that the story in Origins blew the meh story in Arkham City away completely

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UKmilitia1290d ago

i miss the real riddler challenges like lining up the icons etc.

isa_scout1290d ago

Yeah, I swear riddler is the real main villain. How the hell did he have time to place 243 completely redundant riddles around Gotham without being caught? Batman isn't the worlds greatest detective in this game. If he was he'd say screw these damned riddles and figure out a way to get the riddler without picking up riddler trophies. It's the last thing I need to do for full knightfall protocol and the platinum trophy, but I swear it's making me hate the game. It goes completely against what Batman would really do.

UKmilitia1290d ago

yeah im getting put off the knightfall protocol because of the riddle trophys and the bombs in floor boring too.
oh and the crazy amount of firemen,
jeez how big is this firetruck they was in.
apart from that though its an awesome game.

etownone1290d ago

Aw.... I just cleared the main campaign yesterday... do I have to do those damn riddler trophies.

Do you have to do them to unlock the Knightfall protocol??

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Mustang300C20121290d ago

Whatever this is the best Batman game compared to the previous. I mean great story, gameplay and constant replayability. It is more of the same and better.

chaldo1290d ago

I looked at your Avi and thought.. oh cool a challenger?!?! Then saw the name and pic on your profile. Still a cool car tho!

I know off topic.

KryptoniteTail1290d ago

Blackgate was the best and it's only a solid 6/10. Metroidvania is more my genre which is why I was a bit forgiving and I hate action beat em up open world things so it's why I dislike the core series. Too repetitive.

Adexus1290d ago

Blackgate isn't just an awful Batman game, it's a terrible game altogether, I genuinely couldn't play it for more than half an hour.

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