MSFT Maybe Makes More of A Statement of Supporting Indies, PS4/X1 FPS Debate Is Natural But Hardcore

"Consoles and mobile are getting closer to each other in respect to the power to express," says Teemu Mäki-Patola, COO of Frogmind.

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t-hall7851201d ago

Fanboy war in 5...4...3...2...1...GO!!!

kayoss1201d ago

Got my Ghjallyhorn ready for this so call war. Locked and loaded.

FarEastOrient1201d ago

Won't work, all you have to see if gamingbolt / clickbolt as the source.

stuna11201d ago

It's nothing to do with a fanboy war! The facts are PC supported Indies from the start. Although last gen Microsoft woo'd the Indie scene, their policies were crap and, many Indie developers spoke out to that being the case. Sony didn't turn away Indie developers last gen, the media itself created a stereotypical mindset across the industry, that since the PS3 was so hard to develop for, why take the risk!? It was a stereotype that lasted a good chunk of last generation.

Fast forward to the now! Sony crossed all their T's, and dotted all their I's when it came to developing the PS4. On top of that they added a secret ingredient; the input of developers across the board, be it 1st, 2nd, 3rd and.... Yes Independent Developers! So it was only logical that all developers would swarm to the PS4.

Looking at Microsoft at the beginning of this generation, Independent Developers were moreso an afterthought and many of Microsoft supporter were fine with Microsoft stance with Indie developers, with many saying Independently developed games were not true games! Coupling this with Microsoft 's missteps in the beginning, it was inevitably clear that Microsoft now needs the support of these so called Independent Developers.....and now Independent games are all the rage to the Xbox1 supporters.

Meanwhile Sony took the stance of supporting Independent Developers from the beginning, while competitors dubbed the PS4 the Indiestation!!! It's Ironic and funny at the same time, when you truly look at it.

kayoss1201d ago

Great comment my friend. This fanboy console war is ridiculous in my opinion but regardless, I have may ghjallyhorn at the ready.

IamTylerDurden11201d ago

What's funny is that haters constantly clamour how PS4 only has indies and is only good for indies, but now indies are cool bc xbone is getting a few, now PS4 has no indies...

Two words, ADAM BOYES.

Hurfs1201d ago

OK so when Microsoft were supporting Indy dev's way back on the 360 when Sony had no interest in them we can just forget about? seems Fanboy history is a little selective.

stuna11201d ago

Your memory of last generation supporters of Indie developers is totally different from everybody else's memory! Sony has always supported Indie developers. Example: The makers of Little Big Planet Media Molecule were Indie developers.

IamTylerDurden11200d ago

Journey, Flow, Fat Princess, Pain, DeadNation, Luftrausers, Super stardust hd, Patapon, Papo and yo, call them what u will but Sony has always supported games large and small.

Didn't Sony have self publishing first?

Whitey2k1201d ago

That's what makes sony great they support any games from AAA to AA and indies a great verity of games