This Nintendo ‘Outsider’ Isn’t Making the Metroid You Expect

This is a man who is passionate about Metroid Prime.

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MSBAUSTX1199d ago

Ok so Federation Force is a stand alone game that kinda fills a gap in the story about what exactly the federation is doing to help the fight against the bad guys. Thats great and would have been perfectly fine if it had come out 3 years ago. Not now. It basically means no Fzero, no Metroid, and no legit successor to Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii U. Unacceptable Nintendo. Im sorry I love you and I love my Wii u but every Nintendo since the SNES has had its swan song Mario game. Yes Mario 3D World is awesome but it is more of an arcade Mario 3D platformer. Not a Story driven deep Mario game like Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Galaxy 2. You better blow us the hell away with the NX Launch lineup then. If there is at least two of these games: Legend Of Zelda, Mario Galaxy Successor, Metroid, Or Fzero, at launch then you are screwed and I cant help you.

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ZeekQuattro1199d ago

Basically whats going to happen is if people vote with their wallets and don't buy Federation Force its bye-bye Metroid aside from cameos. It happened to F-Zero. It can most certainly happen to Samus. Its just that simple.

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NeckBeardBSMTDweller1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

This is definitely an interesting piece. Thanks OP

RPGrinder1198d ago

God forbid he try to do something different. That is the real thing

Gamers claim they want different, but at the end of the day they want the same ol thing just the way they want it or they cry and go crazy.

MSBAUSTX1198d ago

There isnt a single Metroid gamer that said they wanted something different. They were all wanting a return of Samus in the first person or some form of it. Not this. Not even close. If the Xbox community can be in an uproar over split screen being removed from the newest Halo then we can for dam sure be in an uproar over the newest metroid game in over 5 years being on the 3DS and not have Samus in it and not even be a proper looking game.

RPGrinder1198d ago

You just proved my point, thank you.

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MSBAUSTX1198d ago


Honestly I am beginning to believe you are right. there is just so much misinformation and conflicting reports from everyone, including Nintendo, that I don't know what to believe anymore. Early on I read that the NX wouldn't compete with the Wii U. Now it would seem that, with so many huge games not being shown yet, the NX may be a DIRECT competitor, or a flat out replacement, of the Wii U.

If they release 3 or 4 of those AAA titles you listed at launch and then the rest the first year along with Third party support and 1080P 60 FPS, the NX would be freaking Beast. I would buy it day 1 if it had a Metroid, Mario, LOZ, Pokémon, and Fzero first year. If it was backwards compatible then I would throw my wallet at them and say take what you want.