EA to pay 16,200 athletes $60 million in player likeness lawsuit

EA is set to pay athletes over $60 million after a lawsuit settlement takes action over using player likenesses without permission, which may see players taken from their sports game for their next iterations.

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Angainor71202d ago

You' ve f*^*ed it up EA?

sinjonezp1202d ago

I wonder if that is a significant dent into EA's pockets.

Ashlen1202d ago

No, it's the cost of one to two games.

Dlacy13g1202d ago

ouch... that cant be good for the bottom line.

KwietStorm1202d ago

Wow it actually happened

Mkai281202d ago

^Can't be good for stocks either

TheNemesis5011202d ago

it would of been cheaper to pay them for there likeness

Myst-Vearn1202d ago Show
iceman061202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Not really. I would bet that most of those athletes would have demanded way more than $4000. That's about what that amounts to. I don't know if the $60 million is before or after the lawyers get their greedy mitts on the cash.
Ooops...just read and each athlete will get "at least $74."

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