PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Gets “M” Rating From ESRB For Sexual Themes, Gore And Strong Language

PSInsider author writes: Until Dawn was originally supposed to be released on the PS3 as a Move title. However the developers delayed the game and later state that it would be releasing on the PS4. New details regarding the “M” rating have emerged as the ESRB has updated their reasoning behind the rating.

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mushroomwig1204d ago

I wouldn't have it any other way :)

FunAndGun1204d ago

Good, slasher flicks and games should be rated M.

iceman061204d ago

Exactly THIS!!! You can't be a good slasher flick and NOT be rated R. So it follows that this game, which seems to be the video game equivalent, would HAVE to get that M rating. Now the only thin that it needs is the obligatory (and random as hell) nude scene and the unreasonable need to split up at the most inopportune times. LOL

ClayRules20121204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Looks bloody Fantastic! I hope to keep a few of the characters alive, but after my experience with "Heavy Rain" I believe history may repeat itself =(

I'm ready. Bring It On, Again. No pun intended.

SmielmaN1204d ago

This game looks so fun and should have lots of replay value with all the characters that could die off/be kept alive. Thank you Amazon for that 30% off e3 preorder promo!

ClayRules20121204d ago

I believe it will be alot of fun, as well as bloody Fantastic. Nice deal you got there =)

SmielmaN1204d ago

Amazon was incredible during e3. Preordered 12 or 13 games at %30 off. Just insane. Amazon is becoming my online shopping space for everything.

AudioEppa1204d ago

Having less or more of something doesn't it make a game good or bad.

Whether the game is put together right in the end is all that matters imo, but I guess it comes down to how people view games for their own enjoyment.

For example, uncharted 4 could be rated M and if i love the game it's not going to be for more swearing or body parts flying off lol it's going to be because they made a good freaking game, same as If the last of us was giving T, feels are feels, that game world is brutal but it wasn't why I loved it, it just so happened to be a part of it.

mixelon1204d ago

More horror in a horror game couldn't be seen as a bad thing though. ;)

You can get away without showing much grisly stuff at all but still need an M rating if the context is hard enough. That's what I'd hope for anyway.

AudioEppa1204d ago

That is true : )

It's funny to me because I'm not a horror fan, but this game is just something I really want to play. Can't wait for next month.

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