New Screens of "Rain"

Going almost entirely unnoticed when it was unveiled at this year's E3, Rain, from Japanese developer Artoon, is beginning to turn a few heads.

Unlike previous titles, such as the cute platformer, Blinx, Rain seems to be heading in a completely different direction. The game sees you playing as an undercover operative who's been sent to Los Angeles, to deal with a recent outburst of Vampire's in the nightlife.

Rain is due for release "soon" in Japan. You can check out the new screens by clicking the link below

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malachi234331d ago

If it's "Turning heads" it's cause they're turning AWAY...this game looks like crap!.

PS360WII4331d ago

that's screen shot is nothing like what they showed at E3 :(

willud4skins4331d ago

doesnt look like a vampire game to me

PS360PCROCKS4331d ago

does not look good and its only one screen wtf?

zonetrooper54331d ago

Ok this game is just a disgrace to the Xbox 360, it should be on the PS1 for that matter.

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