Remedy’s Sr. Writer On Quantum Break “Getting There Real Soon Now” & Would Love To Do Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment's senior writer Mikko Rautalahti on the current development of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break and on how he would like to Alan Wake 2.

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StrayaKNT1204d ago

I can't wait for Quantum break. It looks so original and unique I love the work remedy put into their games and an Alan wake 2 would be amazing I'm sure every xbox fan wants that to happen.

christocolus1204d ago

Same here.The guys at Remedy are pretty talented and with this being their most ambitious title yet i cant wait to see what they do with the story and the time powers,with each main character having their own unique abilities i wonder how this will play out in the game. This Scalebound and Crackdown 3 will probably steal the show at Gamescom. I hope we see Recore too.

StrayaKNT1204d ago

Yeah I really want to see Scalebound, crackdown, recore and sea of thieves. I hope we get to see sea of thieves lol.

Septic1204d ago

Make it happen Remedy! I still have no idea what happened at the end of the first Alan Wake. The ending was pretty darn confusing :/

Mikefizzled1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Whilst it was a little confusing, the main reason for it was probably because I cannot name another game that forces you to draw your own conclusion. What I'm guessing is (SPOILERS) The real Alan Wake is still trapped in the cabin writing the story of Mr Scratch. You play as Mr Scratch throughout collecting the pages of the story that you partake in. The infamous line "It's not a lake, it's an ocean." suggests there is more trouble ahead.

Alan Wake is by far the most impressive and complex story telling of last gen game, to me. Very subtle hints suggest this theory could be true. Especially in the dlc 'The Writer' where Zane asked 'Alan' if there is two of him.

DevilOgreFish1204d ago

"would like to do Alan Wake 2"

Now there's a title that could do with more games. After QB i would really like to see another AW game.

VER1ON1204d ago

INdeed, personally I think Alan Wake has been underrated. Such a nice game.

fermcr1204d ago

Remedy are great developers.

Rookie_Monster1204d ago

Alan wake was a gem of a game. It was severely underrated. Glad BC will give this game another chance for many XB1 owners that had never played it.

VER1ON1204d ago

Is it already supported as Xbox One title?

Rookie_Monster1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Not in the current alpha preview of the 21 games to preview members, but will be among the first wave of BC titles when the full BC goes live this fall. One of the engineer developer for the BC emulator already confirmed with the Major Nelson interview that all MS published titles will be among the first wave of BC titles with the exception of Kinect titles.

Also, during the E3 BC announcement, someone with a keen eye spotted covers of some of the games that are advertised on the list and no doubt will be among the first wave of BC titles.
Microsoft are promoting them it must mean they will be coming in the near future. And Alan wake was on the list.

Can't wait for Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, Halo Wars! Those are my top 3 BC titles. :)