Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Final Cover Art Revealed, Pre-Order Bonus Confirmed

The final Dragon Quest VIII cover art has been made available online today. The game's pre-order bonus has also been detailed

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TetsujinFranky1227d ago

We really, really, really, really need this game West

dorron1227d ago

If only it was released for the Vita too...

scark921227d ago

I had no idea this was a thing! Is it exclusive to 3DS?

stragomccloud1227d ago

It is. But you should be worried more about another thing. Is this exclusive to Japan?

Sly-Lupin1227d ago

It's also on PS2. This is just a port.

scark921227d ago

@Sly-Lupin I own it on PS2, I would to have a portable version of it.

Sly-Lupin1226d ago

There's also an Android port, but it sucks.

The 3DS port is the only version of the game with new stuff.

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Lucreto1227d ago

In King Trode voice: Dhoulmagus

kyzer19781227d ago

If this is the same version that was released for iPhone/iPad then I don't want it. Playing the game without the voice track sucks. The voice track was the heart and soul of that game when it came out on the PS2 10 years ago. Trying to play the subtitled version just isn't the same.

Spotie1227d ago

They... released it without voices?