How Can Nintendo Prevent the NX from Having the Wii U Fate

SegmentNext - Nintendo NX is real – that much had been confirmed by the giant firm at the E3 conference. According to them, there won’t be any talk of the Nintendo NX this year, but of course they could decide to deviate from that statement if they wanted to.

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Rimeskeem1253d ago

more powerful, third party support, a must have launch title

Just some ideas

Hoffmann1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

More like the strongest launch line up they ever had.

New Zelda, Mario Universe, Super Smash Bros. Kart, Pokemon RPG, Real Metroid. Splatoon 2 or 1-2 completely new IP's

Those 5 games at launch and all in a superb quality would give the console a very successful launch I bet. And they really need that to get some third party developers believe in their hardware again.

And they need to fucking stop to make a hardware about a gimmick. Just make hardware for great games like back at the NES-Gamecube times.

kneon1253d ago

The Wii U also had a successful launch. The problem comes after all the hardcore Nintendo fans have rushed out to buy the console.

If it doesn't appeal to the non-Nintendo gamers then it will do as bad or worse than the Wii U.

breakpad1253d ago

they can if they bundle it with a PS4

Lightning Mr Bubbles1253d ago

I have no clue. I think all they can do is try to come out with another shitty gimmick and hope little idiots buy it.

In which case, I really hope it fails again cause I don't want that garbage. They should make a real console for gamers but they won't because they're Nintendo.

They've turned into total kiddy shit.

ABizzel11253d ago


Those aren't going to help them at all, besides the must have launch title. Fan proved for the longest they don't care about 3rd party, Nintendo proved it doesn't care about western 3rd parties, and devs proved they don't care about Nintendo when PS and Xbox are money makers for them, and more power isn't going to fix any of these issues.

At this point Nintendo has 4 options.

Make a powerful console for $399, and watch as they lose even more money.

Make a $299 console to compete with the PS4 and XBO, but lose since they don't have the online network, the 3rd party relations, the multimedia capabilities, or the install base to compete with them.

Make a $199 console and become the entry gaming platform for all gamers, and make a decent run for the next couple of generations with this tactic selling around +50m units per gen, since the asking price is enough to get most fans one the fence about Nintendo as of late to jump on board, and with just enough performance to handheld 3rd party games at their lowest settings.

Or make a fusion device, basically a tablet-like handheld that can beam content or connect to your HDTV for $199.

Nintendo can't go head to head with MS and Sony without some HUGE changes over there such as online, achievement systems, hardware, western 3rd party support, services and multimedia, because they're 1- 2 generations behind in those regards.

They need to either build an entry level device and over time build up those features. Or go with the Fusion device.

Lennoxb631253d ago

Nintendo needs to grow up a LOT. Their games are a bit too childish for core gamers. If they don't mature their titles on this next console it could be over for Nintendo.

pcz1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

first and foremost it needs to be a games console for everyone, not just for nintendo games. the wiiu proved that nintendo cant succeed on the strength of its own games or fans... nintendo need to get with the program and realise in order to win a wider audience you need third party support to deliver diverse content.

the NX must be cutting edge. third parties require cutting edge technology because that is what the market demands of modern console games- they must be realistic, engrossing, graphically innovative etc. regardless of what nintendo believes is the vision for their own games, they need to recognise this reality and deliver it so third parties can do their jobs.

so if nintendo wants to have any hope of a level of success in line with sony/microsoft consoles, they need to make a console which competes technologically in the same league. that is- aggressively competitive specs.

if the NX is anything less than the above mentioned, it will be commercial suicide

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1253d ago

Nintendo games are for everyone.

The problem is those who consider themselves hardcore gamers think they will lose their manliness(like they had any) playing them

BrandanT1253d ago

How about, not releasing one game every six months? Those game droughts are really annoying.

MikleDemi1253d ago

They are already working on it by showing the hardware to third parties, and working with them.

Even Gearbox will be bringing a few games to the NX, at least if their leaked e-mail is to be believed:

Cut Nintendo some slack. The U isn't a bad system, with more must play games than the XBone and PS4 combined.

Only games I played on my PS4 this year was Destiny and Bloodborne. My PC was used for Witcher 3, and every other multiplat game that hit the XBone and PS4. Hell, my PS3 saw more playtime this year than my PS4.

My Wii U is still used for MK, Smash, Bayo, Splat, MHU, all Mario games, Nintendont, Wii games, etc, etc.

MikleDemi1253d ago

Also, the upcoming Mario Maker, Zelda and Xenoblade look epic.
Shin Fire looks pretty good as well, but I am more excited about the games I mentioned above.

If they give us a few real 3D Mario games (like Galaxy or even Sunshine), I will be extremely happy with the U library.

1253d ago
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FallenAngel19841253d ago

Every Nintendo console sells less than its predecessor, with the exception of Wii. In fact despite its massive success, Wii has doomed future Nintendo consoles to being a generation behind in comparison to its competitors. When all is said and done, the next Nintendo console will have an even worse fate than Wii U.

sprinterboy1253d ago

@fallen angel

agreed, bye the time nintendo show off the NX, sony and Microsoft will be showing big titles at E3 like GOW, Gears, TLOU 2, GT7 etc.

NX is going to need some massive adult new ip like uncharted, gears, tombraider as examples, plus hella 3rd party support.

If Nintendo goes down the artistic cartoony style gfx again then their doomed. i enjoyed nintendo bk in the 80`s but its not the 80`s anymore.

Nintendo should leave mario, zelda, f zero etc too handhelds only and concentrate NX efforts with more adult theme games like MS and Sony do

Neonridr1253d ago

the way you talk, I have a hard time believing you were even alive in the 80s.

UltraNova1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

"If Nintendo goes down the artistic cartoony style gfx again then their doomed. i enjoyed nintendo bk in the 80`s but its not the 80`s anymore.

Nintendo should leave mario, zelda, f zero etc too handhelds only and concentrate NX efforts with more adult theme games like MS and Sony do"

You know what you described above is what Nintendo stands for and I would hate if they deviate from that. You see its what makes them unique.

Let me explain. What Nintendo does caters to a certain demographic, a younger one, the cartoony looks are a byproduct of that demographic and because hardware prices need to be affordable(around $300 starting price), hence the 'lack' of power.

Now what Nintendo can do is swallow their pride (and the next fiscal reports)and release a similarly powerful and easy to code for(x86) console to the ps4 and xb1, while continuing to be fully committed to that Nintendo type of video gaming (Mario, Zelda etc) allowing 3rd party to support them.

All they need to do is take a hit initially (they've got the money)with a $400 console that has almost everything the other two have but has that Nintendo factor as well!

Look it may seem like I'm suggesting a 'me too' kind of an approach for big N but I'm positive that if Nintendo can get up with the times, as in offer gamers what is considered the standard today while keep developing all their usual content they will win us back, for sure, hell you can count me in!

In essence create the N64 of 2016!

lunatic00011253d ago

I don't know..maybe pick a better name for you console next time so people would think its a proper console and not some add-on and that damn gamepad so useless Nintendo doesn't even know how to integrate it in its franchises...affordable price and good launch lineup...I could care less about how powerful it is as long as the games from Nintendo are fun...its all good...still think they should take more time to prepare for a great launch and not release the system too early...make sure you have a launch lineup that can appeal to everyone

Hoffmann1253d ago

They can't.

I fear they burned way too many bridges with third party developers.

freshslicepizza1253d ago

i think so. their only realistic way of returning to greatness is to have such a strong line-up of their own games at launch at a very reasonable price (no more than $299). that and maybe something that makes their hardware compelling but not a gimmick.

Hoffmann1253d ago

Their own games are not changing the fate though. After 1-2 years you have the same situation on the NX as they ahve today on the WiiU..aka only 2-5 big games in a whole year while the competition gets a ton of similar good games of a much bigger variation through third developers while they don't even have to develope any own big games.

3rd Party Support is the factor that Nintendo needs more than everything else to be a big player again.

freshslicepizza1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

the wii-u didn't really start off strong though. if the nx has maybe 2 really huge games like a new mario (that is new and refreshing like mario galaxy was) and metroid that could get the ball rolling. the big games for the wii u launch was new mario bros which was a side scroller and zombie u. so it wasn't exactly a stellar line-up of something huge everyone wants. it was also hindered by a high price tag compared to what the xbox 360 and ps3 were offering at the same time. but the real nail in the coffin was the wii u gamepad. consumers did not see it as a necessity and more as a gimmick.

have at least 2 major titles at launch, make the system affordable and stop with the gimmicks. it's the gimmicks what's hurting nintendo's chances of getting third party support. they don't want to create unique software for one system. that's why things like kinect, playstation move, (probably morpheus) and even the wii motion controller was not supported very well by third party.

the unique hardware will likely be something that will make it a handheld/console all in one. where games can be scaled for both without needed to make separate games. this is the issue with the playstation vita. they try to make it a mini ps3 like they did with the psp. a handheld needs unique software but if nintendo is able to to have a system that can do both console gaming and handheld without having the developer to port the games then that could be something consumers want.

lunatic00011253d ago

I agree..the 3rd party support I feel has long passed now and I think Nintendo knows it

Neonridr1253d ago

according to initial reports, 3rd parties were very pleased with what Nintendo showed behind closed doors regarding the NX at this past E3. To me that sounds like a step in the right direction.

They need to consult with third party developers to find out what they would like in a console. Will make it much more likely that these same 3rd party developers will want to design games for it.

Hoffmann1253d ago

I wish them and myself that. The more competition the better it is usually for us gamers, and Nintendo is currently almost no competition for Sony and even Microsoft.

Neonridr1253d ago

Hardware wise, no. But software wise Nintendo is considered by many to be an example of a great studio that makes great games.

Toiletsteak1253d ago

It's going to be hard for them to get people to buy day one, i will wait for at least a year to see how it goes before deciding to get one.

MSBAUSTX1253d ago

If Nintendo is dependant on people like you it will definitely fail.