Is The Sheer Number Of PSN Outages Becoming Ridiculous?

PSN Outages are essentially still a large problem for many gamers all over the world; this might eventually bring some online-only consumers to the Xbox One

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warrior821296d ago

aah..thats why resigning for ps plus for me is a big question mark. you can throw away the $50 for the advertised benefits as long as you are allowed to stay online..once the outages realize how much better the offline world is...aah the 90s!

SourtreeDing1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

thats funny i thought xbl was down more then PSN this gen so idk why ppl are talking about pSn like its down more than XBL.. maybe both need to be better

yarbie10001296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

If you think XBL is down more than PSN then that makes me think you don't have XBL

Da Ill One1296d ago

you are sadly mistaken thinking Xbox live is down more than PSN this gen. Xbox live has been having trouble with friend's list's showing up and joining party's but XBL the actual playing online is RARELY ever down... while PSN the playing online part and signing in to play online is down at least once a week on average

JasonKCK1296d ago

SourtreeDing sorry man but what you think and reality are not the same thing. Both have gone down but the numbers are not equal when it comes to security. It's not even a matter of opinion, it's just the truth.

Silly gameAr1296d ago

Xbox Live has certainly been down more this gen then last gen, but we don't talk about it much when it goes down. Seems like PSN can go down for an hour and we get article after article about it.

KarmaV121296d ago


I hope that is sarcasm? Cause it is the exact opposite. I hardly ever see any article about PSN down but when XL friends lists aren't showing for 15 minute, we get an article. And that is exactly it, when Live goes down (which admittedly it has been more often than usual), it is usually no more than 20 minutes to get back up.

Jamesx82x1296d ago

XBL has had more problems than usual but its not even close, PSN goes down way too much and its not acceptable when you have to pay to play online now.

Personally I think PS+ games more than make up for it but PSN isnt a free service anymore and needs to stop being treated as such by Sony, upgrade your damn infrastructure.

Silly gameAr1296d ago

I didn't say it went down as much as PSN, but it has went down quite a bit and some people just chose to ignore it. Laugh all you want, but you know it's true.

OB1Biker1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Yea like the title says 'The Sheer Number Of PSN Outages Becoming Ridiculous?' its more like the sheer number of PSN is down articles that are getting ridiculous while often ignoring when XBL is down.
and when both are reported its like 'PSN is garbage' and on the other side its like 'Oh its already back up, thank you Ms well done'

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xfiles20991296d ago

One thing people need to understand is on Friday everything was down Call of Duty PSN as well Xbox live and if you have Comcast it was a lot worse. I could not get Hulu or WWE Network to work on my smart tv. It seemed like every thing internet related Friday night early Saturday morning was having problems.

meche3341296d ago

Xbox Live was up on Friday. Atleast were i was and Psn i had to try to login a couple of times and it was fine

yarbie10001296d ago

I find it strange this article disappeared from the front page. Its at 150 degrees, yet its not at the top where all the hot stories are.

But you can find the Xbox One needs rebranding still there. Hmmm

Dee_911296d ago

You might need to throw your computer away, its in the correct spot on my intrenets.But i've heard of this happening before.I hear the only way to fix it is to throw away your computer and never use the internet again.

Paulino301296d ago

Absolutely right.

I saw the article in the front page when browsing on my iPhone. I decided to read it on my iPad and could not find it until I went in the ps4

iTechHeads1296d ago

It's a new N4G filter, under the Hottest Stories frame.
It seems the site is suddenly picking favorites with big sites like IGN and Eurogamer.

Small, lesser-known sites are under a new filter on the from page. "On", "Off" "Strict".

For some reason this new filter is always on by default and it filters out websites the mods don't think are good enough. Essentially screwing these sites from any sort of traffic, you know the only reason we submit to N4G in the first place.

Eonjay1296d ago

The PS4 gets way more traffic than XBL (which happens to be more stable than PSn btw).

The issue is that Sony can't keep up with how many people are buying PS4s.

SourtreeDing1296d ago

thats true. i forgot about how many more ppl use PSN over XBL. the more ppl the more demand for better service and more complaints

Eonjay1296d ago

While true, they have to meet gamers half way. I know that they have more to deal with but that shouldn't be an excuse really.

yarbie10001296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Can't go by consoles sold. Not everyone who has a console has online. Sony says only half of PS4 users pay for plus

ShadowKing-1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Just because you dont have plus does not mean your not online, keep forgetting psn is still supporting ps3 and people still play FTP games on ps4 and not all games are behind ps plus. This last outage at least for me was back up within a half hour.

i just stop here, because this article is kinda flame-bait but to put it simply both ms and sony have issues and no matter what console you play on the networks can use some improving.

BitbyDeath1296d ago

If you exclude the planned outages then the times PSN has gone down is quite minimal.

Maybe 3 times this year?

Eonjay1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Again, very true. But I think they can still do better. Why, for example, can't they wipe out planned outages altogether.

BitbyDeath1296d ago

Yea, I agree.
I was hoping they'd have that sorted when the PS4 arrived.

yarbie10001296d ago

It was down twice just in the last 2 weeks. So i'm not sure 3 times is accurate lol.

And no, that's not counting maintenance

yarbie10001296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

NO BitbyDeath it wasn't.

July 2nd:

June 26th:

June 23rd:

June 17th: http://www.product-reviews....

June 13th:

Is it strange I don't see this article on the front page anymore?

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yarbie10001296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

It's not like everyone who has PS4's have PS Plus and play online.

Sony CEO says only around half have it.

StrayaKNT1296d ago

That's true I had psn for a year throughout 2014 and I barely even used it so I cancelled my subscription now and I can see alot of people doing the same because its just a waste of money imo

freshslicepizza1296d ago

that's not really accurate. the thing is microsoft has servers around the globe and has invested billions of dollars into it's infrastructure. xbl was more stable than psn last generation and live had more people online. steam has more people than both live and psn and it doesn't have the same issues and it's a free service.

a lot of people expect sony to re-invest in its network now that they charge to play online (on the ps4). this will take time so it will get better. what i don't understand is why the service or part of the service needs to be offline while they do scheduled maintenance. (i'd say on average once a month). steam, amazon and xbox don't seem to so i'm not sure what kind of infrastructure sony has in place.

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iTechHeads1296d ago

its definitely annoying but the outages never last more than a few hours(if that).
It's not something that I personally would weigh in when choosing one platform or the other since these outages aren't a weekly problem. Sometimes it goes a mont with no major problems, sometimes it goes less than a week.

If the problem really is too much traffic like others have pointed out then the fix is pretty simple. It would explain why it seems to go down at the worst times like the weekend.

Dragonking0071296d ago

Theres another issue happening on psn so theres a flaw with messages basically you can invite anyone you want to these message chats even if your blocked and not added its getting ridiculous sony needs to patch this im getting reinvited too dam much its getting out of hand

lastking951296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

This is the reason I believe Sony scrapped their plans for always online unlike MS. Psn not being stable many people wouldn't be able to even play games if they went through with DRM.
At the meeting "I can already see the complaints we gotta scrap online check in."
"But sir many consoles have already been built and ready. We can't simply hold all of them."
"Just do a software update."
"But that'll require them to connect to the internet, not everyone will have that access."
"Hmmmm......**** it send them an install disk if they need it."
Lol seriously that's how I think it went.

Dee_911296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

tin foil hat warning
they didn't go with always online because its stupid.

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