Leaked Screenshot Indicates Warner Bros. Montreal May be Developing an Open World Superman Game

OnlySP: Rumor has it that Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the studio responsible for the open-world super hero game, Batman: Arkham Origins, released in 2013, is making a Superman video game through a supposedly leaked screenshot.

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crazychris41241205d ago

If true, please don't make us fly through gold rings

ReconHope1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

In Arkham Knight While flying over the city you will in some rare occassions hear a thug say " This night could only get worst if they brought in that Freak from Metropolis" Not to Mention all the Lex Corp billboard around the city.

If they were to make another Batman game I think it would be awesome if it was a Batman Vs Superman type of game. That would be awesome.

thekhurg1205d ago

I don't care if they make us fly through golden rings. I just want the core gameplay to be amazing and the gameplay/story to be AAA quality.

SpongeyNess1205d ago

I'd like it where you could jump far and move fast, also strong, but keep flying generally out of it,more akin to superboy.

psychobabble1205d ago

@ReconHope And that message on Bruce Wayne's answering machine! "Mr. Wayne, Lex Luther calling. Apologies for going via your direct line, but I grow tired of these games. LexCorp has made a very generous offer for Wayne-Tech's Applied Sciences division, yet your persistent unavailability begins to look less like a busy schedule and more like deliberately antagonistic behavior."

Love that easter egg.

1205d ago
mikeslemonade1205d ago

This is the B team so screw this. The game is gonna be crappy.

abstractel1205d ago

@ReconHope I came in here just to say that. It's hinted strongly in Arkham Knight at a Superman game.

ShinMaster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Could this be reeeeal?

UltraNova1204d ago

Putting the Arkham Knight fiasco aside (the game was stellar from what I hear and read despite the terrible porting job)I have every faith in WB games to deliver a very good Superman game based on efforts like SoM and the previous AK games also Mad Max looks very fun and true to the source material, so far.

That said, I believe Rocksteady would be a better choice to develop a Superman game because they have proven beyond any doubt that they take superheroes seriously and will not deliver a game that is not true to the source material,i.e. lore and original feeling.

inveni01204d ago

No one complains about these rings:

Also, it's a different selection screen, so we know it's not just a skin for Arkham Knight.

Revengeance1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Did someone just say keep flying out of a Superman game?

I can't believe someone actually just said that.

BeefCurtains1204d ago

Taking bets now:

Crappy PC port
Or did they learn their lesson?

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Dark111205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

This is looks like injustice 2 to me.
it's the same superman design.

CorndogBurglar1205d ago

Um no.

Thats his New 52 costume from the comics. It even says it right there in the picture.

Also, ghe writing is Comic Book font and everything is way too bright and colorful to be Injustice.

parentoftheyear1205d ago

It also says skin, just like the new 52 skin in arkham knight.

jb2271205d ago

Totally agree. We've seen what a costume selection screen looks like, and they never showcase those kinds of stats like "Kal El, Superman" followed by a list of his powers. If this was from a dedicated Superman title, wouldn't all of that information be available in the actual game itself? This is obviously from a character selection type of screen which would insinuate that there are multiple characters available to choose, hence not a solo Superman title. Also, I don't think WB are dense enough to allow a newish dev that had issues w/ their last title even though it was a copy & paste job to try to reboot a character w/ as poor a gaming history as Superman. If they allow anyone to create a game featuring Superman, it'd obviously be Rocksteady. Its still pretty obvious to me that Montreal is working on Suicide Squad, a title they've already basically started on considering all of the story bits in Origins, the end w/ the formation of the Squad & the inclusion of characters like Deadshot/Deathstroke. Montreal will be developing Suicide Squad for release w/ the film next year, & Rocksteady will move onto either a Superman solo title or a JLA title to coincide w/ the release of those films. This picture looks like an addition to a free to play or MMO type title, or potentially Injustice or some other fighting game, or even a card game.

BozoLoco1205d ago

@jb227 And what experience did Rocksteady have before Arkham? If Montreal had made Origins as the first Arkham game, it would have been the best Batman game ever. Ultimately Origins was always going to be compared to what came before it. On its own it's still a very good game, it's just not anywhere near as good as the three Arkham games either side of it, which set such a high standard. WB Montreal also just got a massive cash injection from WB and the Canadian government to higher more staff and buy more resources. If any studio atm is ready to make a Superman game, it's Montreal. Rocksteady is still working on Batman. I interviewed Dax Ginn from Rocksteady and he said they hadn't started working or even brainstorming new games yet. ATM the focus was on Arkham Knight. Whereas Montreal is actually hiring for an "open-world" game.

And I think WB has made it clear that licensed games as a movie tie-in aren't there cup of tea. I spoke with Monolith before the release of Shadow of Mordor, and they said that WB explicitly wanted the game to stand on its own and not feel like a tie-in to The Hobbit. The Mad Max devs have said the same thing.

So yeah, it *could* be Suicide Squad, but it would be a movie-to-game adaptation. WB makes an effort to create identities with its game franchises rather than just play off what a film is doing.

ifistbrowni1205d ago

Oh man,imagine if this is DLC for Arkham Knight.. Like a story DLC that you get to play as Superman/Batman, like in fights where you can play as Night Wing, Robin, Catwomen, Azreal + Batman...

I'd be happy to hear, because I bought the Season Pass. This is my GOTY this year. I freaking love Batman Arkham Knight (but I love Batman, so it's really no surprise this would be GOTY). Such an awesome game. You'll hear no complaints from me if Superman becomes playable in some Arkham Knight DLC (I can totally see this happening).

Lord_Sloth1204d ago


Perhaps a Justice League title?

jb2271204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )


You definitely make some good points, WB could bet the farm on Montreal but unless they have some big staffing gets it would be quite a gamble. The property runs the risk of permanent ruin, it already has a reputation for bad games, so the next title needs to be pitch perfect. It will need a deft hand in game design & creators that can implement brand new systems, maybe Montreal is capable, but that remains to be seen, as you pointed out their work was admirable but it never exactly reinvented the wheel & there was little in the way of new systems added to Origins.

I don't think that WB are pushing "movie tie-ins" in the strict sense of the word, something more akin to just making sure a game featuring the characters from the film is available during the movie's release. May not have any kind of connective tissue w/ the films & it'd most likely be set w/in the Arkham universe in lieu of creating something new or setting it as a strict film tie-in. At the end of the day, I highly doubt that Montreal would've went to all that trouble setting up the Suicide Squad if that wasn't their next property. On the adverse, why did Rocksteady so heavily seed a Superman title w/ Arkham Knight if Montreal was the one making the game? Suicide Squad could also be a pretty close approximation to a Batman title as most of the characters are hand to hand fighters & weapons experts. Superman & the Justice League are a totally different ballgame.

Is there a possibility that Montreal is working on a Superman title? Surely, but its very unlikely & it goes against every bit of writing on the wall. It *could* be Superman but is there any evidence pointing to that whatsoever?

Edit: Just read the update to the original article & they also confirmed that their sources are telling them Montreal is working on a Suicide Squad title.

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MasterCornholio1205d ago

Unless they are onion rings.


3-4-51205d ago

* I hope they had a flying through rings level just for fun.

Would be even better if it had a purple-ish pink background as well.

Loadedklip1205d ago

Actually ... I think it would be a good idea ... as like an inside joke. Maybe Superman's equivalent to the Riddler puzzles ... a Prankster Puzzle. And have Superman say to himself ... "this is the dumbest idea ever"

OhMyGandhi1205d ago

they could call it, 'Arkham Knights: Into Dreams (Superman Edition)

pwnsause_returns1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Seriously though Lets not go there, lets just pretend Superman 64 doesnt exist.

slappy5081205d ago

Major plot twist! They are krytonite rings that have been set alight

hkgamer1204d ago

we would probably be collecting brainiac icons instead.

Pocketaces1111204d ago

If anything this is DLC for the dark knight which I was already wondering with the different lex and superman easter eggs around gotham. Otherwise it's fake

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luis_spartano1205d ago

After the decent work on Batman Arkham Origins, I'd trust a superhero game by WarnerBros Montreal.

Am-No-Hero1205d ago

Yeah you right , for me the challenge is how to balance the game cuz superman is really powerful so , its really interesting to see how it will work

PockyKing1205d ago

Find a way to mass produce Kryptonite is the only thing I can think of.

Spikeantestor1205d ago

There are dif ways to do it but the hardest is the most obvious, giving the player full access to all his powers right away.

You COULD make it like a Metroid where you steadily gain access to more powers
as you make it through diffrent areas. There are diffrent story lines that fit this way (we could play superman as a young person just learning about each new power and then after a bit flash forward a year or so, again and again, till we reach him being Superman. Or maybe they could have Superman have run into an enemy that locks each of his powers behind diffrent objectives and he has to get each one back one at a time that way. Etc).

But if they do a metro I'd way, it may be great, but it won't really be the Superman game we always wanted.

CorndogBurglar1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Superman has very powerful enemies that can go toe to toe with him though.

Lex Luther in his power suit
Thats just off the top of my head.

Just make a plot where the henchmen type characters are given some kind of Kryptonite powered battle armor and Superman's powers become weak enough to struggle with fighting big groups of enemies.

The random encounters around the map would mostly be saving people.

They could make it work.

fei-hung1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

You just need to pick the right villains and their gangs:

Loadedklip1205d ago

Darkseid and his New God Apokolips army attack earth. It's not so hard.

Superman is ultra powerful ... but he does have ultra powerful enemies himself.

UltraNova1204d ago

Goku would wipe the floor with boy scoot!

Yes I said it!

hkgamer1204d ago

its not like batman wasn't like a superhero in the arkham games. basically able to fly everywhere and his combat system made him invincible.

Lord_Sloth1204d ago

Make Superman face his stronger foes. He fights many foes that can hold their own against him.

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trickman8881205d ago long as the PC port isn't shit.

Godmars2901205d ago

And we're talking about a game where the main character can do just about anything. Break through walls. Level the city. Beat people to a pulp with his pinky - while still being damn careful.

1204d ago
peshkavusCA1204d ago

UltraNova.. Get you anime loving ass out of here you troll...Go play your JRPG

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ginsunuva1205d ago

Skin = entire video game

PockyKing1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Leaked screenshot and job openings stating that Warner Montreal is working on a game in the DC Universe. Reading provides extra context past the title ;)

@Below, It just says choose skin, which is something almost every super hero game provides so who knows really? Rumor for now anyways, so you're right, most of it is speculative.

The 10th Rider1205d ago

Even then, the screenshot hardly indicates an open world game, as the title suggests. In fact it looks to me almost like they're choosing Superman as a character, implying it's possible the game isn't even centered solely around Superman.

The_Blue1205d ago

Exactly, it looks like a character selection menu.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1205d ago

Obviously's perfect timing