F1 2015: Singapore wet weather, no assists PS4 gameplay

Team VVV writes: "Our second F1 2015 gameplay video on the Playstation 4 showcases some pro driving from F1 2015's own handling designer.

Singapore is a very tricky circuit indeed, throw in some rain and take away all of the driver assists and you've got a real challenge on your hands. David is constantly having to counter-steer out of the corners in the Mercedes to keep the car from crashing out."

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sizeofyou1199d ago

Water on visor just stays on there? Looked good to start with, but as a bike rider, I know it moves across visor depending on speed and direction of wind and travel. Not to mention new spray forming off of the road and from the sky as appropriate.
Disappointing weather effect in this day and age of simulation...

Perjoss1199d ago

Wow the drivers hands clip pretty badly into the insides of the cockpit. Looks OK apart from that.

WizzroSupreme1199d ago

That rain is something else, but holy cow – look at that dude's hands!