Black Ops 3 DLC's PS4 Exclusivity Was "Right Decision," Says Activision CEO

Eric Hirshberg discusses decision to move timed-exclusivity away from Microsoft - Gamespot

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98xpresent1290d ago

So basically because the ps4 is selling so well

MightyNoX1290d ago

The #1 franchise in terms of revenue aligns itself with the #1 console. Shocking.

Azzanation1290d ago

Doesn't always work that way. Wii was by far the best selling system last gen and CoD didn't have exclusive deals. I honestly don't think MS are chasing these games anymore. They don't really need them since they have there own games such Halo 5 counters COD and KI counters SF5 etc.

reallyNow1289d ago

I don't know Azzanation, to me it feels like MS is FINALLY starting to run XBOX like a business. How many billions have fallen into the hole marked "xbox"? Seems to me that refusing to keep paying Activision for something they aren't going to get (competition for PS4) in return. AKA the return on investment just isn't there. It WAS there in the early PS3/360 days. It was a way to show gamers that xbox was the place to play. They're just about selling HALF as many units so far as PS4. Throwing money at Activision isn't going to change that. I think xbox's console division is done when this gen is done. Xbox will live on as a windows 10/11/12 whatever service, and thats OK. It is the one thing that MIGHT give Steam a run for its money. PC is a space that could use more competition.

Volkama1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@Reallynow "PC is a space that could use more competition."

That's a pretty strange thing to say. PC is already a completely open platform, with multiple games distribution services. As consumers we already reap the benefits of that quite handsomely.

On-topic, it will be interesting to see who has the inevitable marketing deal for Titanfall 2. Would be lovely if the answer was "nobody", but we all know that's not gonna happen.

joab7771290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

That's it in a nutshell. Can you blame them? Tbh though, it's good for MS. They've been paying a ton without a return for awhile. It became almost the status quo, and ppl expected it. In the meantime, it had 0 effect on whether ppl played on PS3, as it caught up, and no effect on ppl buying a PS4.

I know like 5 ppl that play nothing but CoD and they all switched to the PS4 regardless of dlc exclusivity. This is simply a bonus.

thisismyaccount1289d ago

"... it's good for MS. They've been paying a ton without a return for awhile."

Dem you Sony for being so successful! with your PS4. Blame Microsoft for not doing an adequate job ...

22CobraKing1290d ago

The wii doesn't seem right for someone to play shooters it mainly for family/friend type of games not competitive like battlefield or cod. And how could halo compete with cod if it doesn't release annually.

AngelicIceDiamond1290d ago

Yeah pretty much its that simple. I'll be playing other things besides COD this year personally. Games are too ridiculous at this point.

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kingxtreme811290d ago

The "right decision" would be that all buyers of any Call of Duty game would be that all of them have access to the DLC at the same time.

Oh, but they don't mean the "right decision for gamers, just us suits".

Doesn't affect me as I don't play Call of Duty multiplayer, but it's a sleazy practice if you ask me. Not just in regards to CoD, but any series, and regardless if it's Sony or MS.

Yet another terrible practice that is unfriendly to gamers as a whole and needs to stop.

SourtreeDing1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

i dont play multiplay but i do play Zombies and thats why im loving it as i have a PS4. and last gen i had a PS3 so i had my fair share of waitng for the DLC.. but than i got a 360 and solved that. but i only do Zombies..

RB6 will be my goto for online shooter

Aloy-Boyfriend1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Microsoft started this, and now they are getting a dose of their own medicine.

It's business, and bussines tend to be unfriendly towars customers most of the times in all areas. Besides, it's just some early content not lifetime. We as gamers want everything to be at our feets, but it is not that simple with these corporations.

PistolsAtDawn1290d ago

Don't kid yourself, MS didn't start this at all. It existed before MS even had a console.

joab7771290d ago

I see your point, but its fine. There's no problem with companies offering incentives to play on 1 system or another. It had a huge effect early on in the 360's life, but it wasn't exclusivity alone. It was Live, their controller, MS'S message, their gamer friendly attitude. It WAS the place to play CoD.

But eventually, that changed as the PS3 caught up. Ppl didn't care if they waited 30 days for dlc. I'm actually surprised Sony paid them at all. I'm not surprised MS is done with it.

Volkama1289d ago

Depends on your perspective I guess. If you own a PS4 it might be fine, if you don't own a PS4 then you get mildly shafted.

Think we can all agree we'd rather Sony/MS concentrated in investing the money in games, rather than slimey deals. Unfortunately the slimey deals are effective, so they won't stop any time soon.

Sony have scored some big ones for the mainstream too, with COD and Star Wars. Really pushing hard for that next tier of the console market.

Rookie_Monster1290d ago

more $$$$$$ was the right decision. Don't kid yourself otherwise, Activision

Sureshot1290d ago

Ppl down voted you? Must be Activision employees on this site!

GreenUp1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I don't get the whining of early access to DLC. It comes to everyone eventually. What's the turn around time? A week?

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

The exclusivity will last a month. But I think most XB1 players will be occupied by the free Halo 5 maps so I don't think it is such a big concern to xb1 players at this point.

Edit @ bnwfanatic,

Like for real? Most of the buyers will consist of repeat buyers of the series for years. I am pretty sure they know it is a multiplatform game. During the entire MS COD period, I am sure PS3 and PS4 sold a few COD as well as it it is still the most sold series on a PS platform as well. You Tell Me There most of those buyers for COD on PS3 are not casual? You guys are looking way too much into this "ps/xbox logo" at the end of the commercial.

Destiny, which Sony tried their hardest to make it seems like a PS4 exclusive..but somehow on NPD report in th e USA of all the months that the game was on the chart from Sep, Oct, Sec, Jan, the XB1 is always the most sold retail unit of the bunch.

bmwfanatic1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

The dlc stuff isnt the big part. Its that all the cod commercials will say PlayStation instead of xbox. That is huge for the casual people who dont visit gaming sites and think its only on PlayStation. Also the cod tournaments will be played on PlayStation.

@ rookie I am sure Activision and sony know better than you
how well the Sony branding of cod works. Most people in the industry know how big a deal it is. Or maybe they should hire you huh? Im sure you could run a billion dollar company.

Sm00thop1290d ago

CoD will no doubt help push consoles for PS4 just because people will want to stay on top because of the tournament scene, I don't like CoD at all, much rather play Rainbow, Halo and Gears. It's a good deal for Sony though overall.

SourtreeDing1290d ago


it is a big deal...

just like its a big deal for PC gamers to have better graphics in their version of a game.. and 4k, better fps, mods... if these things werent a big deal companies wouldnt bother.

ppl will buy PS4 to get DLC first..

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"rookie I am sure Activision and sony know better than you"

Wait, so are saying other companies like EA are not as competence as Sony and Activision when they granted the Fifa marketing deal to MS when the PS was the preferred platform for all these years? Yup, I don't think $$$ got anything to do with it!. :/

IIFloodyII1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I doubt most Xbox users will be to busy with Halo, go look at how fast Halo 4's playerbase dropped when a CoD game released a week or so after, it never really recovered from it either.

Also NPD doesn't include bundles, which the PS4 version sold a lot of.

For the lazy.

Jayszen1290d ago

Yeah, keep deluding yourself...Destiny sold more on the PS4 even in North America and overall the game has nearly twice as many gamers on the PS4 version, and this is according to VG Chartz which is no fan of Sony.

If you think the COD DLC exclusivity is no big deal, that's fine, you are entitled to an opinion but please don't make up stats.

Germany71290d ago

Destiny sold more on Xbox One? lol
We know that you are a troll and a really desperate one, always trolling on a PS4 article, and i mean every article.
Now here is a real fact for you, Call of Duty sells even more than Halo on a Xbox platform, just check the number of players of both games.

Haru1289d ago


True. it's just some people still don't realize that Halo isn't that much of a big francise anymore, it's still big but way smaller than it used to be

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mxguy931290d ago

Most people are whining because now if they want to compete in mlg they have to play on ps4 and they can't afford to buy a ps4.

GreenUp1290d ago

Sounds like an issue with MLG's side than DLC times. MLG should make it so that only non DLC maps are eligible until it's released platform wide.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1289d ago


That's actually hilarious . Using DLC maps day 1 is fine as long as they land on Xbox first, but if Sony gets the DLC first then the maps should be banned until Xbox has them too.


UnHoly_One1289d ago

Where did he say it was fine if it was the other way around?

I can't speak for him, but I think it's kinda bullcrap either way.

Volkama1289d ago

Turn around time on Destiny was a year (if ever). COD was usually something like a month on the Xbox side and probably will be again, but I don't think it has been specified.

Can't say I've ever bought a COD map pack or Destiny expansion myself though. Activision DLC is always hilariously overpriced anyway lol

GreenUp1289d ago

Same with BF. I never buy the second half of these games. Not contributing to the greedy ways of these companies. The sheep have no problem buying though. Then crying about it if one platform gets it a month ahead. Bahhhh

Sm00thop1290d ago

CoD is just getting worse and worse, its shameful how little innovation there is considering the money they make off it. I do think the zombies is the best thing about it, but that wouldn't interest me if we got another Left 4 dead game.

Volkama1289d ago

But you can wall run in this one. I've never seen that before so that's innovative(!)

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