Minecraft update 1.9 brings dual-wielding, shields, a makeover for The End

Today’s big news coming from MineCon in London is a giant update for the PC version of Minecraft, including ground-breaking changes to combat options and new areas to one of its worlds...

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DragoonsScaleLegends1291d ago

I still feel this game lacks too much and it's hard to get back into liking it anymore. The AI in this game is horrible and the villagers need more of a purpose. XP is pretty pointless too. It would be nice if there were more biomes and more random buildings in every biome with stuff to loot. They also need to completely change their weather system because it sucks. I also noticed if you use the bed everyday the weather effects will never kick in on consoles, I don't know about the PC version since I haven't played it in forever because it runs like crap even though I can hit 300+ fps. Personally I think once Cube World makes it's way to consoles I will never touch Minecraft again. I don't really like creating things that have already been created a million times by everyone, it just feels boring to create in Minecraft.

DoomeDx1291d ago

lol Cube World is abbandonned.

3-4-51291d ago

* If Minecraft is to actually grow as a brand or series, they actually need to do something different.

* Upgrades graphics /art style + new ways to play is much needed.

* I'd changed like half the game up personally, but it may not resemble Minecraft anymore at that point.

Elwenil1291d ago

Personally, I would make a Minecraft 2 and change it up a bit but keep the original Minecraft on the market and supported and keep the mods coming for it. Minecraft 2 I would like to see a bit of a graphic improvement, but not a total modern look since that would kill the feel of Minecraft. Just a bit of polish like a normal Minecraft texture pack and let it go.

I would also like to see more weapons, more tools and I would prefer they put some physics into it. I want tunnels and overhangs that can't support their own weight to collapse. I want floating islands to not exist. Just a tad more realism. Monsters of different types and sizes would be nice too. The dragon is nice, but pretty much everything else is man sized. I would also like some improvements to redstone and how some of the doors, switches and pistons work. The freedom to make more machines and contraptions would be great. Maybe add steam and/or hydraulic power for variety.

Either way I probably won't get what I want, but regardless I think they should keep the original out there since it's pretty much a phenomenon all to itself and no matter what there will be people who prefer it to whatever comes next. Just my .02

Cueil1291d ago

they are actually rebuilding Minecraft for Windows 10... and user input will factor heavily into it's development. It'll be free for all Minecraft owners or 10 bucks if you don't own it yet.

blib1291d ago

It was pretty clear that after MS bought Minecraft that they were afraid to mess with their acquisition, and potentially devalue it. Problem is. One of the more attractive aspects of PC Minecraft were the constant updates and new features. By letting it stagnate over the past year, they've lost a great deal of the anticipation that was perviously associated with it.

Editors181291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

That's a bit of a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' situation though, because if Microsoft did tamper with Minecraft's core elements straight off the bat, there would've been uproar. I'm personally pleased that there hasn't been a real overhaul of the game or its underlying culture, but you're right, content updates have tapered off somewhat. Let's hope this one reignites the interest ahead of the Windows 10 version.

ElementX1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Major updates only occur once a year, this isn't anything new. Version 1.8 released in September 2014 and 1.7 was released in October 2013.


-Foxtrot1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

That's it...after all this time. Seems so bare.

Look at the 1.3 Terraria update, that's how you do it.

This game could have so much, buy some massive mods if they can't be arsed

problemchild841291d ago

Yeah ever since I started playing Terraria I haven't gone back to Minecraft. I still like Minecraft but the amount of content in Terraria is insane, there is just so much more to do and collect especially now that the massive 1.3 update just came out.

-Foxtrot1291d ago

Dual Weilding, changes to the End, BLOODY SHEILDS should have been in ages ago.

What about wallpapers for your house, different flooring like tiles, furniture like sofas, more chairs, different lights, lifts etc

Terraria has laser guns, looms, a variety of furnaces, grinder, a presser, a variety of equipment like rocket boots or balloon in a bottle not too mention a variety of NPCs which look different.

Cueil1291d ago

Terraria is also a 2D game... and Microsoft will be leaving the Java based version of Minecraft soon enough.

TheSaint1291d ago

Dual wielding?

And MS continue to drive Minecraft into the ground.

SilverClock1290d ago

As much as I used to love and play Minecraft, their updates leave something to be desired. This is especially true when you compare it to some of the modpacks out there. I mean, who even plays vanilla Minecraft? People who can't run the modpacks...
Add mod support. That is the only thing I ask. Even if you do nothing else for this game. That is all I want. At this rate I'll see it in 2020 if I'm lucky.