Mega Man Legends inspired game, Red Ash, kickstarter goes live

Earlier this week, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune revealed a tease for a whole new game that is basically a Mega Man game, but cannot be called a Mega Man game for legal reasons. While Mighty No. 9 pays homage to the main series, however, Red Ash appears to be inspired by Mega Man Legends. During a panel this morning from Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Infanue and producer Eiko Tanaka officially revealed the game's Kickstarter.
To help hammer home the 'Legends' connection, the project will be led by Inafune, as well as art director Kazushi and director Masahiro Yasuma, both key members of the original Mega Man Legends production team. The Kickstarter page also points to a special collaboration with Tanaka's Japanese animation house, Studio 4°C, which will work on Red Ash's anime story. That one actually has its own separate Kickstarter page.

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