NVIDIA Hairworks Version 1.1 Showcased, Using 500K Hair & Rendered On A Single GTX980

NVIDIA has released a new video, showing long Hair being simulated and rendered in real-time using NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1.

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sigfredod1206d ago

LOL, Rendered On A Single GTX980, thats for the hair and another GTX980 for the rest of the game

decrypt1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Looks insane man would love to see this implemented in future games.

PC tech evolves very quickly. By the time Pascal is released a GTX 980 will probably be considered mid to low range. Its already not high end any more, GTX 980ti is a good 20-30% faster.

Kalebninja1206d ago

980 is definitely high end. It's over 500 usd and it's a single card that's the price of an xbone with kinect.

ZeroSins1205d ago

Or they could just use TressFX. Looks good and it can run on all; if not most mid-high end gpus.

Nikolas261205d ago

I'm afraid mate that is a single gtx980 per char/npc ahahahahahah omg :)