PewDiePie was SEK 63 million in profits in 2014

It goes well (!) For the Swedish Youtube comet Felix Kjellberg right now. Expressen reports that Pewdie Productions (his production company) made a profit of SEK 63 million in 2014 and it seems that everything just pointing upwards Felix.

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-Foxtrot1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Sickening. People bust their balls in life doing hard labour and this guy gets $7 Million for playing games while acting childish, making rape jokes and telling you have he's going to f*** your grandma ¬¬

He got lucky back when Youtube was young which resulted in them promoting him a shit load (as they would gain money aswell from it)

There's a lot of better Youtubers out there

Pandamobile1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

He's a children's entertainer that made it big on YouTube. He's just a clown with a huge audience.

I wouldn't call what he's doing "sickening". There's tons of other people in the world getting way more rich by doing way more horrible things than Pewdiepie.

MrSwankSinatra1203d ago

i would never let my child watch this moron.

-Foxtrot1203d ago

What he's doing isn't "sickening" to me. It's how much he makes for what he does and how he acts while there's people out there who bust their balls working two jobs to try and live a life.

Is he really a children's entertainer though? I mean does he really class as one. Sure his audience are mostly children but it's not really the audience he set out to make. Like MrSwankSinatra has said above I would never let my child watch this moron. You don't need to entertain children with rape jokes and immature jokes about having sex with your mother. Like I said the guy got lucky for being at the right place at the right time, he's nothing special.

Pandamobile1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I just meant that it's children and young people that like crap like Pewdiepie. Anyone with any sense or standards would find him immediately intolerable.

For a lot of 8 year old Minecraft players, that was probably their introduction to YouTube.

pompombrum1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I'm pretty sure I saw one of his youtube videos appear on my home page which was labelled something like " Pewdiepie drinks antifreeze" while having a picture of him drinking from a suspicious container. If that's how he's entertaining children, I would consider that pretty sickening and if I was a parent to a child watching such a video, would be beyond pissed off that a "children's entertainer" would consider that a good idea to joke about such a thing.

Crimzon1203d ago

Yeah, the one time I watched one of his videos he was just screaming about rape and was so intolerable that I had to turn it off after a couple of minutes before it gave me a headache. I'm honestly confused as to how people can watch his videos every day and be entertained given how grating he is.

JasonKCK1203d ago

I tried watching this guy once based on a recommendation. I watched 2 before I switched to something else. I just figured it was an age thing because I just didn't get it. I get far more enjoyment from lesser known youtube channels. Have nothing against the guy, just not mt thing.

ThanatosDMC1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Pfft... i'd do whatever he does if i'd make the same amount of money. It'll wipe out my school loans and my family's debts in no time.

I wish i could be as successful as him. I'm glad he gets to be a gamer and do what he loves best.

Adrian_v011202d ago

Have you seen some of the cartoon network cartoons? That's aimed for children and they are way more sickening than this o.O

DOMination-1202d ago

Markiplier is on the same level. They are both so fake with enthusiasm and their "cool swearing"

b163o11202d ago

....I don't watch Fox News....

Army_of_Darkness1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I'm totally jealous of his success and hot gf.... But good for him. No reason to hate on a successful gamer.

MazzingerZ1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I live in Sweden and I don't know who he is and don't care. I'm an old fashioned gamer, I have Facebook, but "only at home" and rarely log in. Use my cellphone to call and message and yeah, google stuff when needed, access my bank account, maps, and so on...only the good features of the new mobile media life is not of interest for me.

I write in forums like this one that are focused in a subject I care about rather than fighting about religion, politics, racism and do not what else in FB, instagram and others...there everybody are perfect parents, parterns, friends...lovely people that laughs at bizarre videos and the only care is about what the other think about at least we accept we are a bunch of nerds that love VG LOL

Paul Verhoven was right in his films...picturing the society of the future with zero-sensibility for violence and caring of the fellow man...I have observed some teenagers in the train laughing at really violent videos and pictures...and media makes a big deal about "violent" video games...let's see how our society looks like within 10 years when this generation is integrated there...

All teens scream about "freedom" and they are slaves themselves of those social media sites..ironic

But until then, let's keep enjoying VG :-)

Adrian_v011202d ago


Yeah, and you don't notice that you're just as judging like the people you stay away from. So if someone has accounts on social media, say instagram for example cause they really enjoy fashion and like following fashion trends, they are sheep of media and that's the death of society, but you following video game releases and enjoying video games is okay?

Don't generalize, it just makes u seem prejudiced. They just enjoy different stuff than you do. But you can find nice and normal people in every group of society.

Bimkoblerutso1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


Working at a High School, I can vouch for the 15-18 crowd and their love for this idiot. Perhaps not quite a demographic of "children," but...yeah, they're pretty dumb.

And I don't say that in a mean way, but "dumb" as in immature and goofy enough that they still think saying curse words loudly is an effective comedic technique.

Brewski0071202d ago

He's just doing what he loves and making a shitload out of it.
Hats off to him, he's living the dream

frostypants1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I'm with -Foxtrot. I'd say a grown man entertaining children with sex jokes is kind of sickening.

FamilyGuy1202d ago

The creator of Minecraft made almost 2 billion on the game, PewDiePie simply road the coattails of something as it became insanely popular. I never even paid attention to the guy and had just heard the name a few times, then he popped up on an episode of South Park and I realized he me be pretty big.

He lucked out, it could've been anyone and it still can be.

BattleAxe1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

This guy is everything that's wrong with society these days. It also really gives an indication of the low average IQ of the masses.

JackStraw1202d ago

This dude is not a children's entertainer. What one earth are you talking about?! Lol. He says vile things in a joking manner, but because he's obviously joking, it's taken as such. Doesn't mean it's acceptable, but apparently it is because society is so brainwashed by television and internet memes, people like PDP are considered entertainment.

mikeslemonade1202d ago

I hope something bad happens to him. I like to watch other live streamers. His is not that entertaining.

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xPhearR3dx1203d ago

To be perfectly honest, I think yourself, along with probably most of this site (despite being in denial) are jealous of him. I personally find him to quite annoying and very hard to watch. But let's face it, he has most of all ours dream job. He gets paid to play video games. What we do to relax, he gets millions for. There's not one person here that could sit here and say they wouldn't love to get paid millions for what they already do on a daily basis.

And before half of you jump down my throat and say "I'm not jealous of this idiot, and blah blah blah". I'm specifically speaking on the fact that he gets paid millions for something that's just a hobby to you.

N0TaB0T1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Hard to be jealous of someone with an irritating voice.

Crimzon1203d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely jealous of the guy and how much money he makes. I really don't think I could do what he does, though. I could probably last a month or so of making videos where I scream about rape and child abuse before I start questioning my own morals/sanity and lose sleep/health from it. I've no idea how he does it to be honest.

magiciandude1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Well we can say this... he actually makes money with what he's doing. The majority of gamers bashing him on the internet for years most likely gained a grand total of $0.00 for it. It's not that I am defending this guy though. I have only watched like 10 seconds from one of his videos and haven't returned for more.

xPhearR3dx1203d ago


*sigh* Did you not read the last part of my post. You literally posted the exact thing I'm NOT talking about. In fact, your post just shows how much in denial you really are. It's easy to insult someone else when they have what you want.

DragonKnight1203d ago

I can say, emphatically and with 100% conviction, that I am not now, nor have I ever been, jealous of PewDiePie.

The guy makes millions by being a jacka$$ and quite honestly I would never want to try and make the kind of money he does by acting the way he does. That's probably because I've never placed much value on money myself, but the point still stands. People don't watch his videos to see him play games, they watch his videos to laugh at a buffoon who is embarrassing himself and too blind to see it.

All the power to him, I don't watch his stuff and have only ever seen his stuff in clips where other people are talking about him.

That said, he does do stuff for charity so he's not completely annoying.

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TheFinalEpisode1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

How is this sickening? He's not taking anyone's money and it's not as simple as just playing videogames, he has to edit them which requires a lot of time. Although I don't find him funny at all he is actually a very nice guy. He streams for charity and has raised millions doing so.

Also because other people work harder than him and have less money it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve all his good fortune.

SegaGamer1203d ago

Do you know how easy it is to edit a video ? You watch back what you have recorded and pick and choose bits what you want to put into a video, it really isn't all that hard.

DragonKnight1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

@SegaGamer: Spoken like someone who has never edited a video in their life. You don't just watch back what you recorded and pick and choose bits you want to put in the video.

Depending on the kind of video you want to do, you're either doing live commentary or post commentary. This is very important for the editing process.

Live commentary is harder to do as you're doing it because multitasking on trying to be entertaining while playing the game can be a challenge. Editing live commentary means it's much easier to sync up your voice with what's happening in the game in the video, especially if you've been careful about how you record. The drawback is that you have no control over outside interruptions causing problems for your recording.

Post commentary makes it easier for you to actually be entertaining, and you have more control over the overall quality of your recording because all you've done was first record gameplay, then record yourself talking about the game or whatever. If you're speaking about the game, post commentary is a pain to sync up, if you're not talking about the game then it doesn't matter.

There's also the method in which you record your voice. If you care about the quality of your video, you're recording your voice separately so you can edit the sound independent of the video. This means noise removal, making sure the levels are right, if doing post commentary then re-recording what works, and removing what doesn't. Editing out coughs and other such noises, etc... It's very time consuming if you actually give a damn about the quality of your work.

Then there are the effects if you want to use any. Various cuts, transitions, pics, effects, etc... All requiring your full attention for timing and proper implementation.

If you actually care about what you're doing, then you didn't go to your local Best Buy, buy the cheapest webcam you can find, record some live commentary, and just do a couple of cuts and call it a day. To try and diminish it to that is insulting to people who actually work hard at it, and shows a marked level of complete ignorance.

-Foxtrot1202d ago

As someone who has done editing it doesn't take that long with video game clips. Making movies sure but stuff for Youtube....nope.

He gets people now to do it for him

DLConspiracy1202d ago


You obviously don't know what editing is like. A five minute video can take hours upon hours to do. You have to watch hours upon hours on top of it just to find the right bits to edit. Especially if you have any talent to make it flow properly and want to make it interesting. Regardless if it's youtube or a movie or any other place. Editing takes a lot of work. People don't have careers in editing for no reason.

That goes for you too Fox. Sorry but you guys clearly don't know.

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mixelon1203d ago

He doesn't really do much in the way of rape jokes, and has apologised for doing them in the first place.

I say good on him anyway. Much of success is being in the right place at the right time, but he still puts a lot of work in. People make much more money doing much worse things.

Meltic1203d ago

Agree he doesen't even complete the games he's uploading

ajax171203d ago

'There's a lot better Youtubers out there'
Yup. Funhaus is infinitely better than PewDiePie

Halo2ODST21202d ago

I liked them better at IGD

Clunkyd1203d ago

Don't blame Pewdiepie, blame the viewers.

Tctczach1203d ago

I'm not a fan of the guy but he must be doing something right to be that successful. Who cares how he makes money as long as he is happy.

Morgue1203d ago


I make one wrong comment and get bubbled down. This guy just makes videos which I tried watching once and had too turn it off.

Azzanation1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I am not a fan of the amount of money this guy has made, as I believe what he did on Youtube should of been for his own will and not for profit. Then again Youtube are the ones paying him which to his defence, I wouldn't say no to 7 million a year. Its probably not his fault, as he started doing Youtube clips for his own entertainment which I will say has made some interesting clips, and to play the games he plays takes a lot of balls, I couldn't play those games in the dark, with a head set on trying to complete them. I would probably turn down a lot of money because of it.

SilentNegotiator1203d ago

Oh get over it.

I can't stand him either, but it isn't an atrocity that an entertainer aiming at teens has made a lot of money.

Halo2ODST21202d ago

Not teens, immature children who laughs at rape r

Khajiit861202d ago

I agree, but if you could make millions doing the same, would you not? lmao

He is kinda funny though.

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DLConspiracy1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I don't like his stuff really but I won't be trying to devalue his success either.

I love that people online think it's just so easy to do what he does. Clearly if it was that easy everyone would be making 63 million a year. I don't care for him but people trying to downplay this man's career are pretty damn salty. He obviously did it first and better than most.

It pays to have a good idea long before everyone else and it's also not easy to be entertaining all the time. I say good for him. If we could all be so lucky.

darren_poolies1202d ago


Wow what a way to overblow it. I'm 21 and I don't mind his videos sometimes, but if you don't like him then just don't watch him, he gets paid for the job he does and he gives a lot of it to charity. I think it's more ridiculous how much footballers get but they also get paid for the job they do, entertaining millions just like Pewdiepie does.

Jealousy gets you no where.

-Foxtrot1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Right. First of all like I said a COMMENT DOWN from the original comment, the money part is sickening, not what he does.

Second of all, don't do the jealousy counter comment, I mean Jesus Christ is that the ONLY thing people have to counter with in all this

Everyone who defends him uses the jealousy card, it's getting old.

ABBAJESUS1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@Fox So u arr saying that it would be okay for google to keep all the money? Being artist is never easy and it is great that video service like youtube gives every content creator a chance to make money that they deserve. Over 10 million people enjoy his videos every week, this guy deserves penny for that. Communism failed alrrady so shut up and dont be jealous.

darren_poolies1202d ago

"Everyone who defends him uses the jealousy card, it's getting old."

And everyone who attacks him uses the 'I don't find him funny so he sucks' card, it's getting old.

Bobby Kotex1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

The worst thing about it is that people use him as a template on how to be a youtuber, so literally when you look at the top 10-20 or so vloggers they're all super annoying.

We need more people like VaatiVidya or Marques Brownlee. People who don't seem like they're high on amphetamines.

TheTwelve1202d ago

I think the whole "watch someone else play videogames for entertainment" idea is befuddling but I'm not going to hate on the dude. He's actually doing hard work; good on him.

koston36471202d ago

if you think that is actually sickening, I suggest you watch your local and national news... perspective bro

Tonykid1202d ago

I just feel sad for the people who watch him. For someone to make money on such an easy job to just play video games and record themselves.

To the people who say there is more to his video never actually edited a video or put any work into it. I made AMVs and a couple wedding videos some involving multiple videos files and episodes of my favorite anime series which involve multiple episode spanning across multiple seasons. PewDiePIE or any other letplays YouTuber only work on what... an hour or two hours tops of video and all they have to do is cut out any boring part and add in a facecam windows not really that hard.

3-4-51202d ago

* Mom & Dad bust butt to make money....kid proceeds to spend it on Pew Die Pie.....

_-EDMIX-_1202d ago

Thats how business works though. Its not about who deserves it , you don't buy based on that concept.

He offers a value to the folks that watch him, folks watch him a lot, thus adverters want to be fund him to have those same folks see their ads.

Regardless of how one feels about how he is making money, nothing is wrong about it. Look at Late Shows...they are not professional journalist yet they MAKE MORE then some who go out in war zones filming REAL NEWS.

But that money is based on value to the consumer to actually watch, thus value to actually have a advertising coming make a deal based on viewers.

Again, regardless of how someone feels about what he does, he clearly has something that folks want to keep seeing over and over again for companies to make deals with him based on constant views.

DarthJay1202d ago

Temper tantrum much? What's sickening is that people like you complain and cry and moan instead of making something of yourself the way he did. Say whatever you want, got lucky, there's a lot better, whatever, but he put in the time, did the work and good for him in being successful. Maybe put yourself in a better position to succeed instead of bitching about the people that have?

-Foxtrot1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


Jesus. Big fans of this guy will say anything huh

DarthJay1201d ago

I'm not a fan at all, I'm just the exact type of person you are blasting. I don't make as much as he does but I've pulled in well over six figures during my time on Youtube. And it wasn't by accident. I worked just as hard at it as I did at my "real" job. So maybe instead of being a jealous, cry baby throwing a temper tantrum, how about you make something of yourself instead of being envious of what you don't have?

HaveAsandwich1202d ago

if he wasnt such a tool, i wouldnt care what he made.

samchez771202d ago

Don't be too hard on Felix. Although he is certainly NOT my style either, he is making a sh*t ton of money so good luck to him. ANYONE ONE OF YOU would kill to be in his position so don't be a jealous little b*tch.

Besides, who is the idiot? The guy making a ton of cash?, or the fools willing to pay for it?

BlackWolf121202d ago

Hahahahahahaha. Jealousy is a terrible thing Foxtrot.

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scark921203d ago

God he is irritating, and started a movement of people playing video games while being over enthusiastic and shouting at the computer screen!

rainslacker1203d ago

The only time I could stomach him, which I tried with his YT videos based on how popular he was, was when he was on South Park. I think the only reason I liked that was because they were satirizing it, and how over the top Cartman was. plus he was only on for a couple minutes during the whole thing.

Khajiit861202d ago

That movement has been around before I knew who Pewdie was

d_g1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

honestly i don't like PewDiePie


JohnathanACE1203d ago

So acting like a moron on the internet pays. Whats worse is a lot of young gamers aspire to be like this idiot.

001203d ago

let them and find out how much they wasted their lives, the little you tube bubble is going to pop sooner or later.

pompombrum1203d ago

Then we'll get to satisfyingly play them this video: