5 Batman Villains That Should Have Been Arkham Knight Instead

After the momentous reveal of the true identity of the Arkham Knight, we provide five comic book villains who are also worthy of this villainous honor.

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KidKenobi1200d ago

Talon and Damian Wayne would be cool but can't agree with Hush yes he has the looks and the obsession but I cant imagine him getting to be trained as good as batman

Yi-Long1200d ago

Plus he wouldn't have access to that army, plus it just doesn't fit his usual m.o.

I said who the Arkham Knight was going to be from the very first day they announced the game and showed him, and that's basically because he's the only one who ticked all the right boxes and made sense. It never could have been anyone else.

KidKenobi1200d ago

The Arkham Knight story does have a lot of similarities with Under The Red Hood

Aloy-Boyfriend1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Jason Todd as the Akrham Knight was a big middle finger to the Batman Mythology.

In the comics, Jason Todd got killed by joker and then was revived using the Lazarus pit. After that, he becomes Red Hood. Now in this Akhamverse, joker lied about killing him when he cleary shot him? I though Joker was going to mention the Lazarus pit or something, but no. It's a plot hole what happens next with Todd.

It doesn't make any sense considering Todd was nowhere to be seen in the previous games. The AK should have been a completely original villain as Rocksteady promised, but they got beyond lazy instead.

Vandamme211200d ago

I agree..the arkham knight should have been an all new original character...but instead they got lazy.

Tonykid1200d ago

Try and use another word then lazy its like you're saying you can do any better.

Nitrowolf21200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

In terms of the identity of the Knight? Yeah, he probably could have TBH, anyone really could have been better suited for many reasons. Todd was way to obvious, I remember when he was first announced everyone said it wa shim but Rocksteady just kept coming out and saying he's an original new character not in the batman series. Sure, the knight is, but the man behind it was exactly who everyone thought it was from the start.

Honestly, i do find it lazy that they took Jason Todd, a man who already has the Redhood persona, and just changed his suit up and said there's your new character. It just felt cheap IMO when they revealed it, like, oh totally didn't see that coming a mile away.

They could have pulled any other villain that could fit the profile easily, even really old ones that we aren't even used to.

Who knows, this may just be their way of having Jason take over as the blood thirst version of Batman

Aloy-Boyfriend1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )


Exactly! And you know what is worse, it became really predictable after Joker's hallucinations. I lost interest in this mystery because of that, and in the end I was right.

So much build up to this rivarly only to end up with a sniper fight. Lol

Spotie1200d ago

The Joker never died either, so, uh...

RustCohle1200d ago

What? How is it a big middle finger when the Arkhamverse is kind of it's own thing.

christian hour1200d ago

Because one of the first things rocksteady ever said about the game, and continued to enforce throughout its development, was that The Arkham Knight was a brand new character developed for the Arkhamverse in conjunction with DC Comics. What we got was The Redhood. Nothing new there.

Personally I would have been okay if it was Damian Wayne, in fact I was kinda hoping it would be as I was playing, especially since he came off quite arrogant and spoilt in his dialogue, was expecting him to turn out to be a youth of late-teens early twenties.

Ideally, I would've preferred a 100% original villain, that actually tested batmans limits.

All Arkham Knight did was bring a bunch of mercs and war machines and messed up every opportunity he had to dispose of The Bat, or just ended up getting his ass handed to him before batman got distracted by something else and then disappeared. Was a pretty disappointing "new" villain.

Aloy-Boyfriend1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

The Arkhamverse is its own thing, which with more reasons they should have made a completely new character instead of trying to rip off the comics. It is not clear when this joker and jason plot happens in this universe.

So think about what Rocksteady said about the AK in the beginning. They said they were working with DC comics to create this new character. Things didn't go as planned and they decide to take Jason todd. It doesn't fit well, and it proves they got lazy. They settled a good mystery only to ruin it later on.

RustCohle1200d ago

Fair enough, thanks for the elaboration.

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WizzroSupreme1200d ago

Condiment King needs his own game, maybe "Batman: Arkham Food."