The Game Square Should Have Remade: Final Fantasy VIII

Gamegents: This is in no way, an attack on Square; they have in fact, picked the correct game to remake. Final Fantasy VII, if not the best game of all time, it’s definitely top five. However, it is not my favorite of the series. That place in my heart belongs to the one and only, Final Fantasy VIII. A true classic, and the one game I always go to when someone asks me what my favorite game of all time is. These are the reasons Square should have remade Final Fantasy VIII instead.

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ZaWarudo1206d ago

Maybe later... Out of the three PS1 FF games, VIII aged the best.

-Foxtrot1206d ago

It needs to be next.

I'll be ticked off if I've waited this long for a FFVII remake so they can remake FFVIII next only for them to turn around and go "Oh yeah we're going to do something else"

FFVIII and FFIX should be next in order.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1206d ago

Nomura has said he is interested in other FF remakes after VII but not from the PS1 era unfortunately. I would love a FF IV,V,and VI remake and that excites me that he wants to do it but I would want VIII and IX to be first. I want to see places like Balamb Garden from VIII and places like Lindblum from IX rendered in photo realistic graphics like Nomura said VII is getting. VII is what i'm excited for the most right now though.

Godmars2901206d ago

Square needs to show that they can do a competent job with VII, with any modern FF title, first before they move on to other 'remakes".

-Foxtrot1206d ago


Well no offence it's not what Nomura wants it's what fans want. Look at how many years people have went on for a FFVII sequel, it should of been out ages ago.

FFV and FFVI can easily be remade for the 3DS or PSV. FFVII - FFIX are the games which are remake worthy.

audiocafe1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I'm glad they're remaking VII. Although I want a remake of V, VI, VIII and IX more, if they actually decide to remake those games...well, I'll probably be on my death bed by the time they ever release any of those who am I kidding

ShinMaster1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Honestly guys, no

And F* the junction system!

Godmars2901206d ago

I think the Junction System could work, but certainly not in the form in the game. Have sources outside of combat you could drain, or have special attacks or finishing moves. Not just stand around taking magic as monsters wail on you.

Then again, you cold make a whole game around having to bond with spirit creatures to gain magic, turns out they're evil and you have to fight them.

kaizokuspy1205d ago

@shin master

I will say thia. The first time I beat ff viii was with summons. I didn't understand the junction system as a kid, but when I realized how it worked it was amazing. Junction 100 deaths to my gunblade. Fantastic. Quistis using degenerate early on to instakill t rexaurs. Oh man this game hits my nastalgia hard.

Ot I understand the pain of junction system, but there are many ways to get magic. Lvl up your gfs and you can get them from items and cards way easier and early on just the same. Maybe if they fixed the draw magic mechanic it would resonate a lot more with other fans.

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Myze1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

While I would definitely prefer a full console remake of FFVI before VIII and IX, I do hope they all happen eventually. As for aging the best, I would say IX has aged much better than VIII, especially with the draw system, which would need a major overhaul in a remake, and the graphical style.

As for the article: I understand the guy's opinion is that FFVIII is the better game, but even if I agreed, I would consider Squenix morons if they made it before FFVII. FFVII is a MUCH more popular game and will make them MUCH more money than a FFVIII remake would have. I am of the same mindset of the article in terms of wanting FFVI (for consoles, not handheld crap) before VII, but I would still consider Squenix stupid to actually do it.

kayoss1206d ago

Ff8 had similar graphics compared to ff10. The characters were not blocky like ff7. So making ff7 was the better choice.

kaizokuspy1205d ago

Graphics in 7 were janky bc it was originally an n64 title. When it switched mid dev to sony they kept the blocky n64 character models and developed the battle system in playstation. Which is why it all looks crazy to me. Still a fun game. I wouldn't say 7 was the best, but I think that goes for anyone. Whatever your first ff experience was, will be the best in your eyes.

on_line_forever1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

guys if there some problems in Final Fantasy VIII .

they can fix it in remake .

its simple this is remake not remaster

i wish we can see Final Fantasy VIII REMAKE soon .

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KimikoGaming1206d ago

I'd like to see remakes for FF4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 in the same way as FF7 remake.

I also hope that in preparation for the FF7 remake, they release a pack that includes Crisis Core HD, Dirge of Cerberus HD, and Advent Children. Or even include those in a collectors or limited edition of the FF7 remake.

dumahim1206d ago

I could really go for a Crisis Core remake with full voice acting.

MeteorPanda1206d ago

all crisis core needs to be honest is to be put on the psn store..l want it for my vita so bad..

HammadTheBeast1206d ago

I think IV is in a good place with the recent ports and it works well while keeping the charm of the old-style era.

KimikoGaming1205d ago

I just wish the 3D chibi remake of FF4 was more aligned with the gba and psp versions of the game in terms of content.

The DS version made it so you couldn't switch out your party of the main 5 characters at the end of the game, it removed a ton of the end-game optional dungeons and content, and it made FF4 frustratingly hard.

If they could re-re-re-re-remake FF4 for the vita with visuals similar to the DS and iOS versions but with the content of the PSP version, it would be the best version by far.

VerdicLinwe1206d ago

Lulz VIII. Worst magic system in the entire series.

Loktai1206d ago

The only thing good I Can say about the entire battle system is the way it scaled so you couldnt exactly overgrind and end up not having to even think in battles... Visually and from an environment perspective it was pretty sweet though. Who didnt love fighting a god damn T Rex right out of the gate?

kaizokuspy1205d ago

Out the gate, use quistis blue magic degenerator. Instakills t rex, or junction 100 sleeps/deaths to your gunblade. Rinse and repeat. Easiest way to lvl early on :)

Loktai1205d ago


Damn, you're an FF8 pro like a boss.

-Foxtrot1206d ago

Not really. You didn't even need to draw to gain magic unlike what ever one says (pretty sure they just latch off each other)

I went the whole game without drawing and I still had good magic at the end of the game

Becuzisaid1206d ago

Yeah you get the GF magic refine abilities and can create all the magic without drawing. You're junction powers will be limited for a while though.

ninsigma1206d ago

Naaah. & was definitely the better choice imo. I'd rather see a remake of 9 before 8. The story was just so bland along with its characters. Decent game but for me it was nothing compared to 7.

-Foxtrot1206d ago

It had a great story (all FF has plot holes) and the characters were great.

Squall had some great character development and you watched him change over the course of the four 4 discs. He was a new man by the end of the game. The game was basically his journey to become a better person

Don't see why they would screw over fans of FFVIII and skip it.

ninsigma1206d ago

Just didn't capture like 7 did. I preferred the characters and the story for me was incredible.
"The game was basically his journey to become a better person". That basically sums up ff7 as well xD Where Cloud was only in it for the money, didn't give a damn about the planet but by the end he changed and was ready to save the world because that's what he thought was the right thing to do. So on the part of square, not much variation xD

Not saying they would or should skip 8 (if they are going to remake more). For me, I would rather see a remake to 9. But I think (I could be wrong here) that there is a bigger demand for a 6 remake than either 8 or 9.

TricksterArrow1206d ago

Above poster is right.

FFVIII is pretty good, but they took an easy way out with the characters motivations and backstories. Zell is probably the most fleshed out. That GF memory thingy is completely worthless without the theory of R=U, simply to explain why the characters act as they do, as if they don't know each other (except Irvine, which decided to stay quiet because...?). It was totally rushed.

FFVII on the other hand has everyone pretty much fleshed out with at least 15 minutes of extensive background dialogue (Vincent and Cid) or an entire side-mission dedicated to their stories and their resolutions. Only Cloud and Tifa are devoid of that, but basically because their story is the main one: they fight against Sephiroth, becoming adults, retrieving their memories and all that.

-Foxtrot1206d ago


"Just didn't capture like 7 did"

That's your problem right there. You are comparing it to FF7.

I bet your one of these fans who hadn't dabbled much with FF then FF7 came out and you were blown away....upon hearing a sequel of FF was being made you were really excited only to see FF8 was totally different from FF7...DESPITE THE FACT all FF games are different and tell new stories. Am I right? Because it's usually that.

At the end of the day. Story, characters, turn based combat, music, graphics, the world etc were superior to FFVII.

FF8 is not a FF7 sequel it's a new instalment.

"Where Cloud was only in it for the money, didn't give a damn about the planet but by the end he changed and was ready to save the world because that's what he thought was the right thing to do"

They didn't do a very good job to it like they did with Squall. Cloud just changed all of a sudden, with Squall you actually saw him changing slowly, especially with his dialogue to other characters, especially Rinoa.

ninsigma1206d ago

You're right that ff7 Was my first ff game but what's that to do with anything?? 8 was probably out before I even heard of 7 (I was only a kid when I played). Then my friend had and I played a bit but not all. Then when I was 19 I played through the whole thing and just didn't find it as good as ff7.

"That's your problem right there. You are comparing it to FF7"
It's not a problem it's a preference lol Yes every ff is different within the series but so what?? Of course I'm going to compare to what is similar. By that logic 8 is only a good if you don't compare to 7. Fact of the matter is I played 8, I liked it, but not as much as 7. I don't know why you're trying so hard for me to like 8 better. I never even said it was bad.

kaizokuspy1205d ago


What I liked about 8 versus 7. The story actually resolved. I didn't like the material system. It's fine if you do, it's not a game breaker for me. I still enjoyed it, but I enjoyed 8s story, gameplay, and mini game more than 7. The reason you shouldn't go comparing the 2 or any ff with 7, is because 7 is vastly overrated. It was the first ff of its time, then 8,9,10, etc followed. Most people played 7 first then compared it to everything else, when in reality they just want more 7.

To further my point. A lot of people call mw2 the last good cod. Or black ops the last good cod. Doesn't really matter. All cod games have their strengths and cons. Just like all ff have their pros and cons. I honestly thought ff7 story was bad and the fans were bad. When aeirth died it wasn't some oh holy shit moment or it didn't make me sad. Realistically there was never enough character interaction to build them feels. Which is how I felt about the game as a whole. Feelings were rushed. Ff7 is a good game, but the ultimate fanboy game. Many ff that came out before and after are generally better in graphics, story, mechanics, and execution.

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Loktai1206d ago

9, and either another chrono cross game or remake cross or trigger... The frickin mood and environment in cross is INSANE.

pop-voxuli1206d ago

Oh man I totally agree!! Another game in the chrono series would be a dream come true!!

kaizokuspy1205d ago

I wish they'd remake cross and fix those damn load times between screens :( made the game hard to play which sucked bc you know when you put that disc in you're going on a journey

Gardenia1206d ago

FFIX is one of the best. Also I'd like to see a FFVI remake