(WGB) Batman: Arkham Knight Review – The Final Knight

Baden of WGB: "Is Arkham Knight the best of Rocksteady’s amazing trilogy? Nope. But that’s because, as we discussed near the very beginning of this review, each game has key strengths and weaknesses, and trying to pick the best one of the three is a tough task. In some respects Arkham Knight has some rather serious problems in the form of dull drone combat, no Challenge Maps, weak side quests and an over reliance on using the Batmobile and the series tradition of having lackluster boss battles. But it’s an exceptionally beautiful game with a strong story and some small yet good tweaks to the already fantastic gameplay mechanics. It’s not the definitive Batman game of the trilogy, but like the previous two is absolutely essential for Batman fans and gamers alike. Unless you want to play on PC."

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